Guestbook entries, page 8

david glading

was in nam in 69-70, stationed at fsb pershing with the 2/12 inf, 25th inf div. was a 4.2″ mortar fo for 6 mos. remember calling in our mortars on radar sightings. spent last 6 mos in the mortar fdc. enjoyed your page and the photos. think our battalion worked out of go da ha once. anyway, welcome home!

Gary Swanson

Pleiku, An Khe, Vietnam…69 – 70 3/12, 4th Inf. Div. RTO for Co. C. Still looking for the world I left in March of 69.

Gene Adamson

Great Web site! Always enjoy getting to look at other Tripacers. Great music also Gene Pa22-160 N8114D

William Strauss

Enjoyed the gallery pictures. Keep up the good work. Will check back later to see any updates

Rick R. Jones
Hey great page! Was sent here via the SPWC digest. See ya. – Rick

Kenny Brown – Tri-Pacer N2848P
Cool. Appreciate you straightening out the AOPA photo to. Keep ’em Flying, Kenny B


I Love the picture of your old pacer. Like you, my dad had a a Tri-Pacer back in the 70’s. He often talks about it and wishes he still had it. I use to sit in his lap and ” FLY” when I was 4. Those were the days.

Sumner W. Kinney

I was at the Xmas 69 Bob Hope show in Cu Chi and I to lost my heart to Connie Stevens. She was great!!! I was with the HHB 1st Bn 8th Fld Arty in Cu Chi from Jan 69 to May of 70. S2 section in the TOC. Would like to hear from anyone in that era.

Larry Brackett

Nice websight!!I am building a Lancair IV-P and got your sight on a search.

Joe Waldroff, Major, USAF Retired (1972)

You might have heard me fly over a few times while you were in Nam. I flew 105 combat missions in the B-52 hitting targets in Viet Nam (North & South) and the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. It has been so long ago now I’m probably misspelling the trail. V/R, Joe W.