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jonathan paul hix

I appreciate your web page. It’s ggod that there are people out there able to talk about this war. Thanks to you some people have a better idea of the horrific experiences of war and maybe we can learn from our past mistakes. My grandfather served 3 tours in vietnam but it was so horrifying that he can’t talk about and still hac nightmares from all he has seen. I am thankful for your bravery in the war effort. Your website has helped me with my project in english. I am a Junior in high school at Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina. I will be sure to make great mention of you and your website tomorrow in my presentation. thank you and God bless you.

Bob Cawley

You have a great site. Hard to type with tears in my eyes. I know Go Dau Ha well. I was with an 8″er set up outside the main gate in Sept 68. I recently lost a very good friend, Jerry White who was Navy, stationed there in 69. I wish I could have shared your pic’s with him. After we left Go Dau Ha, We set up a firebase at Trang Bang with all 4 of our guns. I never have any regrets about being there, but it is amazing how vivid the memories still are. Thanks for a really great site. Bob Cawley D Batty 3/13 Arty, 25th Inf Div

Steve Johnson

I was there from May 68 until July 69 in a 105 Artillery Battery. I was in 2nd/77th 25th Infantry Division. If you ever run across anyone else that was in that unit, please send me a e-mail. We were always located around the Cu Chi area most of the time. Thank You


good stuff.any vetrans please write as i am writing my own book on the war.LIFE AFTER NAM thank u

russ barrow(cowboy)

howdy I was looking through the net trying to find out some info and came across ur site. I was also a 17b20 and an sro-from 73-76. Like you I was trained in ft sill and half my class were marines—I served with the ninth inf div 2/4 fa and 1st ad 2/78 fa. Mostly I was on the q-4 doing registrations-adjustments-fire missions-though sometimes i worked the czech border with the tps(can’t recall the number)anti personel—we often also ran our missions and shifts with one operator–and we did operate mostly independent of others-just thought it was cool to find someone who served in vietnam with combat radars-though obviously I served with radar vn vets during my tour.M dad and brother served in vn-one inf and the other an engineer-take care

Michael K. Mahaney

US Navy…Iran Hostage Crisis. Lost buddies on helo crash. Found your site on this 25th Anniversary of Nam end. Had several relatives and friends who served in country. Don’t particularly agree with the history of it all but…thank you.

Anjali Singh

i wanted to thank you for the information about the vietnam war. as so many others i was really haunted by that little girl’s picture thanks to you that i know now that she is alive and well. bye Anjali Singh

Dennis Brodkin

I enjoyed reading your material. I was with the 2/35 Arty,54FA Group in III Corps from1/69-1/70. Our 155mm howitzer battery was attached to the 25th on numerous operations. Much of your recollections rang true; it is hard to forget those “trivial” day to day events which shaped our Vietnam experience-malaria pills, burning excrement,fresh air showers, MPC, tropical chocolate bars, and the ubiquitous HUEY.Good job.

SSG James T. Bright Jr. USAR (ret)

I still have a policy of not talking about viet-nam except to other brothers and sisters that were there. I decided long ago to quit trying to educate the stupid people of the world. In the past, when I tried to tell them the truth of Viet-nam, they prefered the doctored version. In one case, I showed the guy the real stats on draftees and volenteers in the nam vs WW II. He would not believe them. I was in the class of ’67. I finally had resolution about 4 years ago. And life goes on. Jim Bright

John Deal

Dave, Thanks for the good read. John

Paul Hernandez

Dear Mr. Stafford: I have the utmost respect for your military service during a crucial time in our nation’s history. I can only begin to imagine the difficult times you must have gone through during this period. I am 23 years old and enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army right after high school. I served with the 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Engineer. After my enlistment was up I returned home and began college and transferred to Harvard University this year. I thank you for your service and respect you so much. I make it a point to shake the hand of every Vietnam veteran that I encounter. Mr. Stafford…I would be honored to shake your hand. Thank you.

Michael Albert

I was a pilot with the 116th (Hornets) during ’67. Lived on Cu Chi and flew everyday. Great times a long long time ago. Are you going to the 25th reunion in Spokane, Wash. this year.


Hi, I am an 8th grade teacher and we are working on a scrap book on the Vietnam War. I was able to get a lot of information for my kids. I just wanted to thank you. This is a great place for information! Have a geat day!! Laurie

Gayle Harry

Nice page. D Btry 3Bn/13th Arty, 25 I.D.

Doug Syvertson

3/22 68-69


Nice web site dave. Thanks.

John C. Neill

amancio de andrade

conratulation dave you got a very nice home page very interesting

joe vann

I was rtt & fo for C/1/8 arty–wounded FSB ASPER –2-15-71. The FSB was named for my friend Ivan R. Asper Jr. Killed 2-15-71. I like your web site. Thanks JV – Snellville GA

Ron Bowers

I found your site by accident and am very glad I did. It is great. I was in Tay Ninh from 2/70 to 12/70 with the 25th Div. Guess we were there at the same time. When I was there I remember Tay Ninh as being “Rocket City”. Thanks for the memory. Ron

Bill Tust
Dave, Thank you fro teaching me html as you well know six or seven times that it takes me to get it right. Bill or the Wizard of Z80

Big Chip


Barry Vokes

Enjoyed your Vietnam diary. It brought back memories, but I don’t recall seeing the 84 foot radar towers with an orange dome on top. I do remember some tall observation towers along the perimeter at Cu Chi base camp. I served with 1BN 8th FA, part of the 25th Infantry Division Artillery, from August, 1969 until my separation from service the following May. I was a 1st LT and spent the first part of my tour as an artillery forward observer (2BN, 14th Infantry ‘Golden Dragons’). The rest of the time I was at Cu Chi, Bearcat and for a short time I was posted to Nui Dat (just north of Vung Tau) as liason to the Australian brigade. Just before time to go home, President Nixon ordered the Cambodia invasion. I rode along on one of the early convoys over to the river crossing, and I was nervous because I was very short with about 10 days to go. It all worked out, though, and I vividly remember the freedom bird’s takeoff You did a great job with your narrative. Thanks.


this is a big homepage! Compliments for the photos and midi files! Thanks Nello (italy)

Eric Killian
Great page. Keep up the good work.

Sherri McQuown

This was amazing! Thank you SO much for your stories. Please Email me back. I’m hoping that you remember someone that was there with you in Vietnam, 25th Infantry. He was there the end of 69 through the beginning of 70. I’ve been trying to get more info on people who he was there with. I love listening to his stories. I admire all of you. I am also interested in knowing if you know of a place where I can get the 25th Infantry patch. I have a huge collection of vietnam memorabiliaand I would love to add this. Also hoping since you were there at the same time, any picture of him. His name is Toby Bargas. Thank you again!!!!!!

jose mario sevilla

I was drafted in 1971 and spent time in da nang my MOS 11b10 from fort ord to vietnam and ft knox proud to be a viet vet tank you for your site and the info good luck on your futur e projects I’m into old cars and I own a 60 4 door and a 62 two door futura adios amigo.


Dave, Great page I really enjoyed your story about Tripacer rebuild thru life’s trials, pretty excitimg about your pilot-son.I’ll return for more.

Preston Powell

I was also a Radar Operator with the 25th. July 67 to July 68 I was with the 4/9 Manchus we used the AN/PPS 4 and 5 and we had to hump them on ambush patrols,my training was O.J.T, although i did go to on in country radar school for a week,my greats memory was calling in Artillery and getting a direct hit on a vc ammo cart in the fish hook. KEEP UP THE FIRE

Stan Wesolowski

Great Website. Will return again and again. USARMY BIEN HOA 165Trans?USARV 2/69-70

Gabriel Morando

its nice to know people like u take the eford to show us youngens how the vietnam war was like thanx


Hi ! I’m from Germany an I read your stories… They’re nice and the photo-gallerys are quiet good ! “RESPECT”, that you did this page ! It’s interessting to see the Vietnam-War with your eyes ! Best wishes dai

Gabriel Morando

its nice to know people like u take the eford to show us youngens how the vietnam war was like thanx


One of my students is after any information on the Liberator aircraft that you may be able to E-mail me. Thank you!


Where did you get the smiley face pencil graphic on your guest sign in page. Please write me! -Kailee Brown



George Baldwin
Ah, what a great job you did on this site, thanks for sharing. Love the Tri-Pacer, The A-26 is indeed an A-26 (unless you count the time between 1947-1962 when it was a B-26, 44-47 and 62-present it was A–26). Loved the “Frog” story, I remember reading elsewhere but don’t recall where. I had a pet rat named rodney for awhile at LZ Sharon – it loved cashews but would accept peanuts, albeit grudgingly! God, how stupid can one get? I served with A Co, 7th Engineers, 1st Bde (separate), 5th Inf Div (mech) on the DMZ in 69. If you have the inclination, please visit Welcome home and “Essayons”

Charles R. Taliaferro

as above

wonderful dave have been looking for records everywhere, excellent tasteall I have to do is try to play them on my music file am new to puters, is driving me crazy.thanks hun. will get back to you.

Hi Hi Dave Marion again, love the music what about Queen anyway dont you like them , and not many of the KING tuttu !!!! men never did like him anywya can you blame them gawd he was fantastic in his prime, didnt we have the best years to be young , you know what they say if you remember the sixties the YOU WERNT THERE , thanks again, had a lovely day on your site.

Ali E. Titiz

Hello Dave, I’ve visited your page acidentally(I was searching different things) Antique plane search made me visit your page. Nice page because it is related on REAL things. Thanks for the things you shared with us. Warm regards from Turkiye, Ali E. Titiz CMSgt. Turkish Airforce

Chet Krone
Dave, So you are the guy responsible for all those sleepless nights firing artillery missions and never knowing what we were firing at. I swore many years ago that someday I would find the responsible party. You owe me for 365 nights of sleeplessness–I expect your payment to be forthcoming soon. GREAT site guy. I very rarely surf all the way through a site, but yours is like a good book. I couldn’t stop until I finished. I was with A Btry 1/8 Arty 25th ID from Oct 69 to Oct 70 and spent time in many of the places you mentioned. Thanks for the memories. I’m sure I’ll return often and pass this address on to many of my friends. Chet

ene w. mark


This is an amazing site with alot of stories of what life was like in Vietnam, which most of the people who didn’t go would never really understand. I think it’s great that you are sharign this with a new generation of people. No one should forget about the people who died in Vietnam, no one.

Was in 25th Divarty HHB Survey Plt from Dec 69 to Nov 70. You’re the first internet connection to my unit, even though you were’nt there much. Found one other person thru the Association who was there the year before me, Larry was in Como. I put my stuff in a briefcase- easier than figuring out a home page- for me anyway. Nice site. Rob

John D. Gill

I served with 1/8th Arty Oct68 – Apr 70 as the AN/MSQ-4A radar repairman (MOS 26B30) I would very much like to establish a communications between us to remind each of us of the positive side of our mutual experience. If You would like to call (collect) my home tel (703)830-2963. I look forward to hearing from you. I may have some photo’s you would like to see also.

George M Korycinski

Great just great.I was there twice,Cobra pilot,your article bring back a lot of memories. George M.

Aris G. Scarla

Dave I stumbled onto your site by accident. I think I was looking up info on RC airplanes. I was only 13 when you went to vietnam and ended up just missing the war. I,m 46 years old living in Mesa, Arizona and I am a Captain with the City of Phoenix Fire Department with 23 years of service. I have served with many Vietnam veterans and have heard many stories. I really appreciated/enjoyed your site. You did a great job on it. Thanks for your service to our country. I honor and have taught my children to honor you and others who answered the calling. May God bless you , Aris G. Scarl

ralph lawler

great site was with hqusarv long binh 70-71 looking for tripacer or project for winter months

john brossard

Well told story,considering the amount of information you had to sift through in order to focus on explaining your experience. I am a Canadian living in Montreal I am saddened to hear about the fraud of the girl in the photo documentary. I have nothing but respect for vietnam vets you did what your gouvernment asked of you,even though history has shown the U.S. action in Vietnam to have been a pathetic mistake.Good luck to you it was very interesting reading your story.

James w Bedell jr

Maynard Vanlandingham

Just ran across your home page,it`s great.I also was a 17B20 but did just the oposite you did.(even the extra year)Was in Nam 67 & 68 then went to Germany.Spent all my time up on the DMZ I was in C Btry 2TAB 26 Arty XVII Airborne

Gary Stanley

This is to let you know that the MPQ-10 and The MPQ-10A were reserected by the Air Force in the early 1980’s and used as Electronic Warefare Platforms at Gila Bend AZ, Eielson AFB AK, and may still be used at Saylor Creek Range (R3202) and the Grasmere Electronic Combat (EC) site is located approximately 25nm southeast of Mt. Home AFB, ID. I’m an Ex-Automatic Tracking Specialist (Air Force) and I trained on the ’10’s’ at Gila Bend and installed the ones in Alaska. I always wondered who used them before we got them. If I get time maybe I’ll send you some pictures I have of them.