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Myron Netterlund

Came here looking at the 3kW generator you used in Nam. A saturday randem stroll.


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SERVED WITH HHQ 4/23(M) for 2 1/2 months.Track ran over a mine,spent 30 days resting before transfering to A co. 25th avn. bn.Was there for tet 68.

Damian Bliss

I just wanted to say that I like your site, and that I enjoyed browsing through it. I feel that it is very well constructed, and deeply interesting.


” C ” Company 125 Signal Bn. Nov 1967 to Mar 1968

Mrs. Dyer’s Literature Class

We really enjoyed your frog/rat story. It is an excellent example of a personal narrative and we found it simply smashing!!

Dr. Wayne L. Threlkeld

Provided to me both fond and painful memories…Well done…and thanks!

Mike Gottschalk

Nice to see your page! I went through FT Sill too. Was on San Juan Hill I Corp. 105’s 11/69-10/70. Good luck An keep your powder dry an your _____ Hard an the world will turn. The rest is gravy! Keep up the good work bro.

Ned Seachrist

Enjoy your pages. Looks like you spent more than an hour putting them together. I was with the 25th Div. 4th of the 23rd and spent time in Tay Ninh and Chu Chi. Good Job on the pages and in Nam.

Ted Swanson

Love what you did. Was looking for photographs of Ground Surveillance Radar equipment. Currently a radar operator myself. Been with 25th ID in Hawaii, 4th ID in Carson, and 2 ID in Korea. Would love to hear about the radar and how it compares to todays PPS-5B GSR

Howard L. Short

Was Not With 25th, Knew A Few That Were, We Hauled Ammo, And Gun Tubes To Cu Chi, And Tay Ninh Just To Name A Few…. Now Serving A Different CO Thru Pointman Ministries——- Was In Country With 178th Engr. Co. Out Of Long Binh 66-67 Nice Page God Bless…..H.

Jeff Crowley
Really good, I enjoyed it.



Welcome home! 1st. Cav 67-68

John Bard

Was in Nam from 68-69. With the 1st Infantry div. Home base Dian. Our NDP was not to far from 25th Div.

Nate Klenke

It’s great to find some other people that are excited about the PA-22. I am a new pilot and think the Pacers, Tri-pacers and Colts are one of avations classic airframes of general aviation. I am glad there are others out there I can learn more about the PA-22 from. Thanks, Nate Klenke

Don Sanders

I too was in Cu Chi, got there in Feb 1968 just in time for TET. I thought the whole damn war was stupid and a lot of people got killed for no good reason. Even though I was young (20), it caused me to forever suspect the government no matter what it says. I am not bitter, just cautious. I saw the Bob Hope show in 1968 and was very disappointed in the obvious ‘ego’ trip it was for him (Ann-Margaret looked really nice tho). By the time his crew had set up the Kleig lights with all the scaffolds, it blocked the view of about 500 guys… I guess I might have been luckier than you in that we rarely left base camp. I was in Fire and Direction Control and was able to volunteer to drive convoys going to Bien Hoa (thus allowing us to stay in Saigon, which I fell in love with). I too was in Ft. Sill, and really enjoyed the stay there (if you had to be in the Army, it was not that bad). Took my wife there several years ago and did you know that all the gates that had guards are now gone? You can just drive right on in now (and all the bars in Lawton have been closed and replaced with regular type businesses. Enjoyed reading about your experiences Don.

John Youngquist

I enjoyed reading your materials. I served with 4/23 ed from 6/69 to 6/70

Robert J. Webb

Just a note: I was with B troop 3rd squadron 4th Cav, from 1/1/69 to 1/1/70. We worked alot out of Fire Support Base Hampton if you know where that was. It was as you have remarked a very enlightening experience. I currently reside in Iowa and I’m a Sgt. of detectives for our local police department. If you get a chance drop a line. You can also leave me a message at Respectfully Robert J. webb

John Pearson

jpearson@cal…well you know the rest

Dave your getting the JP Web Award for the most creative web page for the whole family created by a Tech. dude. I will mail you the award when I learn how to create one and mail it. May be you can show me how JP

Marlene Toma

I came here for some info on life during the Vietnam war, for a school project. Your site had a lot of good things to tell about but I was looking more for the life of the people who lived in Nam. thanx- marlene toma




Larry Raether, E-5 3860 Greenhill Rd. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

I was in Charlie Co,2nd/12th Inf,25th Inf. in 68-69. Base camp was Dau Tieng when we were there. I extended for the 30 days to get out early and the day I could of been home our base camp was rocketed and sappers came thru the wire–was out of the field then and thought I was pretty safe–bad decision at the time, but made it home safe and sound.

Art Fish

Just looking—looks great

Joe Hampl

Enjoyed your photos. I was in the 1st Cav (Arty) in the Tay Ninh and Phouc Vin areas. Wasn’t the “Electric Strawberry” in the Cu Chi area in 69-70? I recall being flown to the top of Nui Ba Dinh to pay our troop (Signal Corps) on duty at the top. You probably had some folks up there too. Seems like the Cav and the 25th ID did some some things together at about that time? Joe

John Darling

I do not have a home page but I would like one and maybe in a month or two I will have one . I am very interested in the vietnam war. And even though I am 19 I would like those who have information about the battle of hamburger hill email me and send anything about that battle and or other battles. Thank you.

Bill Downey

Enjoyed looking at your site. I served with the U.S. Air Force as a language instructor in Saigon, Oct 69-70. I volunteered for four years after being drafted. Lucky to have served in Germany for two years, I hoped for that early out that never came. Who would have thought kids would be using your experiences from a web site for a term paper! Keep up the good work, I will visit again.

John Gordon

Great work, I would really like to find out if there are or have been AD`s to the SWP`s ? They look a top little airplane to start with as a project? Can you pass on any significent AD`s please, Thanks

pete humphrey

Really liked your page. I was at Cu Chi 68-69 with the 116th Assault Helicopter Co. Your stories brought back memories. Thanks!

chris ruckert

I really enjoyed this website. I am very interested in military history, especially the Vietnam era. I liked the pictures, stories and your comment on the war today.

Wayne Crowe

I really enjoyed reading your scrapbook. Brought back alot of memories. I served in the 25th from Dec.68 to Dec. 69 w/ 1/8 Arty. Moved all over – many firebases and patrol bases on the Cambodian border & lots of action. Do you recall Patrol Base Diamond(s)? Worst ground attack of my tour. Peace!


love your tri-pacer.hope i can find one like still looking.

Albert Tai

Hi David, I noticed abt. your articles on the rebuilding Tri-pacer 2278A.Currently I am building 1/3rd RC model of the Tri-pacer. I would appreciate if you are able to send me photographys of your 2278A.Details like U/c,struts,interiors,instrument panels,etc will be most helpful. Many thanks in advance,looking forward to hear from you soon.

Tony Poole
no home page
I was on Nui Ba Den for 2 1/2 years with the 5th special forces. I also went to Cu chi on occassion. The ‘Black Virgin’ Mountain [Nui Ba Den] as we called her definitely had communications set-up for many field units. I believe the Big Red1 as well as the 25th Inf were up there for most of the time. The unit was designated as Nui Ba Den Provisional Co. and was resupplied out of Tay Ninh base camp. Do you know if anyone is interested in making a return trip to RVN? I am looking to retire in early 2000 and plan on going to the Olympics in Australia and might try to get to Vietnam if possible. Your home page brought back memories, some funny and others not so funny.

Mike Dolan

Great job! E Co. 1/7 Cav 6/68 – 6/69

SP/5 Gary J. Glenn

Same!same, except for the fact that I went to Tay Ninh (Rocket City) 65th Combat Engineers, Alpha Co. 1st. Platoon May 69-April 1970. Welcome Home! -Gary

rick janecka

vietnam veteran-1st Cav Div Sep69-Sep70

Raymond Atkinson (Mondo)
Hi I found this site on Dave Blackledges Nam tales page (u have a story there called Frog)

Dave Nelson

I was with the 3/4 Cav in July 68 to 69. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they brought back memories of the places that I had been. Welcome Home!

Robert Murray

25th infitry division. April 1966 to April 1967. A-Trp. 3rd Squadron/4th Cavalry. Duty: machine gunner, A. P. C. Track 31 with SSG. James E. Joslyn, track commander and driver SP4 Kenneth E. Shrum. Both KIA 15 October, 1966.

Fred B. James

Our military careers seem to parallel in time. I served with 8th BN 4th FA based at Dong Ha, RVN. 8″ & 175MM guns (SP) 3 March 69 thru April 70. Even though I joined as regular Army under duress I still got an “early out” after serving 20 months. Nice site. Best regards.

Che Arbizu

Nice set up. It’s great to have some real pictures other than gore. And, a good commentary. Good therapy as well I assume.

William L.Wilson

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. We must never forget. Was at CU CHI Dec. 68/69. Co. B 1/5 mech.”BOBCATS”


just surfed on

Dave Johnson

Chad @PennCom

Had a friend in 25th, died May 70 in Cambodia; just browsing the Net looking for pertinent info.

Jess M. Calvert/ Austin, TX

I’m not quite sure how to put this, but I was (and continue to be) very moved by your description and story of Vietnam. I am a war historian (specifically a Vietnam war historian)and love to hear stories and see pictures from veterans who endured the nightmare of Vietnam. I am a 24 year-old graduate student at the University of Texas and I am currently working towards my Master’s in Public Administration. I have often wondered what I would have done if I had grown up during the Vietnam era. Part of me is so captivated by Vietnam and the whole experience that I say I would have volunteered. Other parts of me say that I would have been crazy to go and risk being killed. I have never quite understood my feelings towards ‘Nam, but continue to have the highest respect and regard for the brave veterans who fought in the conflict. For some strange reason, I greatly envy your experiences while in that crazy place and time. I wish you the best of luck in the future and once again thank you for sharing your story with me. Regards, Jess M. Calvert

Matt Gilbert

Hey there. I like the page as it is very informative. You’re very brave. Rock on man!

Mark Sarckees

Just stopping by to learn a little info about my dad’s infantry division.

Gregory Morales

Very,Very great Vietnam stories.It felt so real!!You went through a very hard time!!I dont know how to say it,but it was great!!

Ismael Diaz
Thank you for fighthing for this great Nation of ours and I salute you!

I am interested in Vietnam. My father died over there October 15,1968. I was only 10 months at the time. He served in the Marines out of Camp Lajeune. I am not quite sure why he was there and didn’t pay much attention in school because it is a sensitive topic with me. I finally got to see his name on the wall 2 years ago. My step-father that raised me, he died on Father’s Day in 94, when lightening struck his boat in a lake in Payson, AZ. Kind of strange how things happen, and all I can seem to do is ask WHY?? One funny thing about our gov’t. I got VA benefits, they overpaid me $247.00 in May of 1986 when I was in school. Last year they took it out of my taxes. Pretty petty of them I feel considering what I had to give up for them and their Police Action

Brenda Neill

I read your story yesterday and found it to be very interesting. My Father also served in Vietnam in 1969. He passed away in 1981 (I was only seven)and I did not get the opportunity to here his stroy, so I love reading about others. I wanted to say Thank you for creating this web page and for serving our country. God bless all of you. Take care.

Dave, I was in Nam in 71-72 down in Long Binh. Your stories about basic, AIT and Nam bring back a few sad and a few happy memories. I took basic and AIT at Ft Polk (Puke) Louisiana in the summer. But when we set down in Saigon,I still was not prepared for that hot muggy blast of Vietnam air. I can relate to the “frog” story, being so bored that anything could amuse! I did see Bob Hope on Christmas day in 1971 at Long Binh. Now that was a great memory. For me, it has been 26 years and more than 26 pounds later but hey, life has been better since 28 jun 72! Steve USARV Data Service Center 222 Pers Svc Co

Matt Splichal
dont got one
I like your page alot. I am only a son of a Vietnam veteren but I am still very interested in the Vietnam War. My father and uncle both served in it. I thank you for putting up this page, because many vets cant come out and say many of the things you have. Thanks again, Matt Splichal

Ivan Le

Nice write up on ’78A project and photos too. I’m involved in a Tripacer overhaul. The bow-shaped wingtips are broken and we have the new ones which came straight-shaped. How do we get them to bend and take the shape without breaking them? If you know this, please let me know. Thanks.