B737-800 Full Motion Simulator

Thanks to my son, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a full motion simulator at the United Airlines Flight Training Center in Denver in May, 2019. I flew to Denver to watch my new-hire son (after 15+ years in the regional airlines) receive his United Airlines Wings. After the ceremony, he took me on a tour of the United Airlines Campus. It was mighty impressive. Just by chance, we ran into one of my son’s long-time friends who is currently a sim instructor for the Boeing 737-800. He had a brief break in his training schedule, so invited us to fly the simulator for about 30 minutes. I got to do one takeoff and two landings. This video shows me in the left seat, making my first landing. The approach to landing began 5 miles out, while the video begins about 1 mile from the touch down zone (the skid-mark area) on runway 17R at DIA (Denver International Airport). A voice call-out begins at 50 feet above the runway and counts down in 10 foot increments from there. The approach speed was 151 knots (173 MPH).

Son and me in Boeing 737-800 Simulator
The Boeing 737-800 Full Motion Simulator
Kind of like driving a Mac truck; it does respond, but not quickly. Rocky Mountains in the background.