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DUncle <>
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gerry <>
Hi there! Well, still in there voting for you. hope you are doing the same for me. I’m getting beat up also. Enjoy! Tanakia

PK <>

Nice page! The picture gallery was interesting… I served 11 months at 2:nd ranger company here in Sweden 94-95. /PK

Willy <>

Hi Dave you can delete this entry i have tried reaching you on your e mail but it comes back to me….drop me a line I want to ask you a few questions

Tom Striegler <>
Nice web site. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and will stop back by later to see what’s been added. Although I was in Vietnam a couple of years before you and spent most of my time in the Mekong Delta, I did get to Tay Ninh and Dau Tieng for a short period. Used to fire a lot of artillery up into the Parrot’s Beak area. Tom Striegler

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Beryl Prior <>

Nice photos,page looks good.very interesting.Thanks.

Jennifer Branch Denard <>
Thank you for the lessons on your page.Welcome home Vets!!!! I am very interested in the goings on of the 25th during Vietnam. My dad was a Golden Dragon. Maybe you knew him? He died in Dau Tieng on the Michelin plantation on 6-6-70. I have ear marked your page and will visit often. Thank you!!

Michele <>

Well…I havent seen the whole picture…I am not computer friendly…your web page is only coming up 3/4 of the way. Do you have a suggestion?

Dave Brennan <>

Nice home page Dave, I especially like the link to real audio of tower control. Keep up the good work! Is it possible to have real audio, or wav files of aircraft taking off? Thanks!

Ken <>

Thank you for sharing this part of your past.Enjoyed your site – spend a long time looking over your photos. I have my war photos too, but there are not as good quality as your pics. Mine are now mostly faded.