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Bill Tust
Dave, Thank you fro teaching me html as you well know six or seven times that it takes me to get it right. Bill or the Wizard of Z80

Big Chip


Barry Vokes

Enjoyed your Vietnam diary. It brought back memories, but I don’t recall seeing the 84 foot radar towers with an orange dome on top. I do remember some tall observation towers along the perimeter at Cu Chi base camp. I served with 1BN 8th FA, part of the 25th Infantry Division Artillery, from August, 1969 until my separation from service the following May. I was a 1st LT and spent the first part of my tour as an artillery forward observer (2BN, 14th Infantry ‘Golden Dragons’). The rest of the time I was at Cu Chi, Bearcat and for a short time I was posted to Nui Dat (just north of Vung Tau) as liason to the Australian brigade. Just before time to go home, President Nixon ordered the Cambodia invasion. I rode along on one of the early convoys over to the river crossing, and I was nervous because I was very short with about 10 days to go. It all worked out, though, and I vividly remember the freedom bird’s takeoff You did a great job with your narrative. Thanks.


this is a big homepage! Compliments for the photos and midi files! Thanks Nello (italy)

Eric Killian
Great page. Keep up the good work.

Sherri McQuown

This was amazing! Thank you SO much for your stories. Please Email me back. I’m hoping that you remember someone that was there with you in Vietnam, 25th Infantry. He was there the end of 69 through the beginning of 70. I’ve been trying to get more info on people who he was there with. I love listening to his stories. I admire all of you. I am also interested in knowing if you know of a place where I can get the 25th Infantry patch. I have a huge collection of vietnam memorabiliaand I would love to add this. Also hoping since you were there at the same time, any picture of him. His name is Toby Bargas. Thank you again!!!!!!

jose mario sevilla

I was drafted in 1971 and spent time in da nang my MOS 11b10 from fort ord to vietnam and ft knox proud to be a viet vet tank you for your site and the info good luck on your futur e projects I’m into old cars and I own a 60 4 door and a 62 two door futura adios amigo.


Dave, Great page I really enjoyed your story about Tripacer rebuild thru life’s trials, pretty excitimg about your pilot-son.I’ll return for more.

Preston Powell

I was also a Radar Operator with the 25th. July 67 to July 68 I was with the 4/9 Manchus we used the AN/PPS 4 and 5 and we had to hump them on ambush patrols,my training was O.J.T, although i did go to on in country radar school for a week,my greats memory was calling in Artillery and getting a direct hit on a vc ammo cart in the fish hook. KEEP UP THE FIRE

Stan Wesolowski

Great Website. Will return again and again. USARMY BIEN HOA 165Trans?USARV 2/69-70

Gabriel Morando

its nice to know people like u take the eford to show us youngens how the vietnam war was like thanx