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Paul Hernandez

Dear Mr. Stafford: I have the utmost respect for your military service during a crucial time in our nation’s history. I can only begin to imagine the difficult times you must have gone through during this period. I am 23 years old and enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army right after high school. I served with the 1st Infantry Division as a Combat Engineer. After my enlistment was up I returned home and began college and transferred to Harvard University this year. I thank you for your service and respect you so much. I make it a point to shake the hand of every Vietnam veteran that I encounter. Mr. Stafford…I would be honored to shake your hand. Thank you.

Michael Albert

I was a pilot with the 116th (Hornets) during ’67. Lived on Cu Chi and flew everyday. Great times a long long time ago. Are you going to the 25th reunion in Spokane, Wash. this year.


Hi, I am an 8th grade teacher and we are working on a scrap book on the Vietnam War. I was able to get a lot of information for my kids. I just wanted to thank you. This is a great place for information! Have a geat day!! Laurie

Gayle Harry

Nice page. D Btry 3Bn/13th Arty, 25 I.D.

Doug Syvertson

3/22 68-69


Nice web site dave. Thanks.

John C. Neill

amancio de andrade

conratulation dave you got a very nice home page very interesting

joe vann

I was rtt & fo for C/1/8 arty–wounded FSB ASPER –2-15-71. The FSB was named for my friend Ivan R. Asper Jr. Killed 2-15-71. I like your web site. Thanks JV – Snellville GA

Ron Bowers

I found your site by accident and am very glad I did. It is great. I was in Tay Ninh from 2/70 to 12/70 with the 25th Div. Guess we were there at the same time. When I was there I remember Tay Ninh as being “Rocket City”. Thanks for the memory. Ron