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jackie gallman

i’m 18 years old and a senior in high school and i’m doing a project on vietnam. your site was very helpful and i thank you for tell some of your story. i think you w ere all very brave and i wish that i can find half as much courage as you and the others that fought have. i don’t have an e-mail address anymore, sorry jackie gallman McDowell High School Marion, NC

Gale Smith

Served in B/2/27 68-69 then to repl trng school 69-70


Just messing around on the net and came across your pages of interesting happenings just wanted to say good job. I was with the 25th 4th 23rd mechanized at Tay NAN City Aug 68 to July 69. I did get an early out 66 days. I was a track mechanic and drove a recovery track. Wasn’t the best year of my life either but survived. I can talk about it now. Did not talk about it for many years. Thanks for sharing.

Candace Duplantis

Hello, This page helped me do my research paper for American History on the Vietnam War Thanks Candace Duplantis

Michael Dillow

J. E. Tompkins

Great story. Very moving and very real. I’m sure that you will never forget the experience. I am in a CSH unit USAR and enjoy the military very much. Reading your story however can’t compare to what you must have gone through. You are an interesting storyteller. I am very proud of you and all the Armed Service personnel who protect our country. May God bless and keep you. Sincerely, Cpt. JET

Chester Poole Jr.

Good page, saw it for the 1st time today (3/28/00). I spent 2 1/2 years in country, from 2/68 through 7/70. Most of the time was spent on top of Nui Ba Den with the 5th Special Forces and then TDY with the Nui Ba Den Provisional company. I’ll be retiring on 03/31/00 with over 30 years government work, the last 20 I spent as a federal law enforcement officer. Anyone with Nui Ba Den e-mail me as my spouse and I will be traveling the USA soon.

wayne davis

I am trying to locate an old army buddy from new york orlando alvarez. can you help me?

Bob King

I have never see a Tripacer on floats, So I have a question, Do floats exist for the Tripacer? Signed A new tripacer owner.

Jill Johnson Griffin

I am looking for anyone who was in Cu Chi or Binh Duong with the 25th Infantry Division Army with my brother Jim Johnson. He was an E3 hamradio op. was killed on March 3, 1970. Jim was from Letts, Iowa. Please contact me if you know any info. My e-mail is Thank you for letting us view your site. Jill