Guestbook entries, page 58

John King

Just surfing. I’ve enjoyed your pages of info. I’m only 37 so i was a kid when you were over there. Don’t remember much. I’m sorry if you endured much problems when you returned home. Media, public schools, were n’t telling the whole truth. Anyway, thank you for your service. God bless you an all others who were there also.

Robert R Thomas

Edward J. Nagle

Enjoyed your rebuild story. I’m looking for a Tri-Pacer project but havn’t found it yet. Soloed a Tri-Pacer many years ago. Is there anywhere I can find information about what I can do myself in rebuilding a Tri-Pacer and what has to be done by a A&P. Ed

Mike Morrish

Co. C 589 Engineers [combat] Song Pha, S. Vietnam 1968-1970

George E.Larson

You were close to my area which was ben hoa afb. I know your mountain well as I flew past it for a year on my way to southern Camobdia. I was a Rustic FAC, .My callsign was Rustic Uniform ( Lunchbox)I flew out of BH from Aug 70 until Jul 71. 184 Missions.OV10 Bronco and cessna 02. The 02s I flew out of Saigon for two weeks, Then my callsign was Sundog Uniform. I really liked your page. Check out ours.

andy wallace

this site helped mw with a college english paper, it was a very big help, thanks alot.

Reynold L. Setzer

Thanks for the memories..Served in the 34th Armor. Hdq. Scout section, 1969-1970.

khiem do

thanks for sharing your stories i was with the ARVN 25th in Cu Chi 74-75