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Doreen Nagel


Doug Francisco
I’ve got a tri-pacer that I started the rebuild on (N3536P). I started the rebuild on it about two years ago and got side tracked with other projects. I took a shot of your tri-pacer for my web page to show what mine will look like when it’s done. I took your N# off of course. One of these days I’ll update that part of my page. You’ve done a fine job on your Tri-Pacer. BTW!! What happened to all of you MIDI files??? I thought they were great!

Greg Moore
i love this site

Dave Plumley

Dave stumbbled onto your site, was in Delta Co 2nd 27th Wolfhounds 1967/68 ChuChi, also RC nut, have XLT pattern ship HB61 pdp power plant also Stinger 120 with Quadra 35cc power, enjoyed your photos


Elisabeth Jackson

Jessica Bliss

Hey Dave your web page has helped me alot on my esay . Sincerely Jessica Bliss

Tim Burke

Enjoyed your site. Did Ft. Sill, twice. Did RVN 66-67 with 2Bn, 33d Arty at Lai Khe. Spent time on the side of the Black Virgin at Soui Da base camp during Junction City and other times. I do Soviet radars now, SA-8s (Landroll), SA-6, ZSU 23-4 etc on a project for US Army. Also fly! Had a 1956 C-182.

V. Churchill

Great job. Thank you for being a proud American. I have a number of family members who also served in Vietnam.

Bill Tust
Dave, I want to thank you for “Mentoring: me in html and allowing me to discover that “MAC” shold be the best !!! I was a died-in-the-woods PC GUY, I said I was …. Bill oe #37 on your radio dial.