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John Parker

I have a buddy who I met and went through AIT with at Ft. Polk. We flew to VN together. He went to 25th, I to 9th. Never saw or heard from him again. His name isn’t on the wall, so I’m sure he returned. Anyone knowing of Lawrence Pacquette (Larry), I would appreciate a note. Haven’t been able to locate him through other avenues. Really enjoyed reading your page. Helps with some closure to an otherwise dreadful time in all our lives.

Mike Coover

Great web-site. I really enjoyed your commentaries about Army life and Nam. I remember guys coming back on early outs and being so happy they made it back alive AND early. My dad was a Marine for 23 years (1st 16 of my life he was active duty.) He got out just before Lyndon Johnson really amped the war up. I thought I would make the military my life at one time, but fate stepped in with a major physical trauma when I was 15. The military only wants undamaged players. Anyway, a different path for me than you. Thanks, man for your page and your service to the rest of us.

Ron Bragg

I was a duster section chief in nam from 66-67 battery base camp was Tay Nina. we supported the 196th LIB until they left for Chu Lai in Feb or Mar 67 then the 25th took over. we supported the infranty units for the at a lot of places. Sui Da The black virgin mountain nu ba din and a lot of others.

Emily Miller

Thanks for your help with my school project!

Spc E-5 Don Militello

Would like more info is any reunion of the 25th Inf Div, HeadQuarters Co. 7/11 Artilery, based at FSB Buell & FSB Washington, Parots Beak, 9/69-9/70. I have some photo’s, and Thunder Magazines.

Kenneth Butner

Dave – A very well presented site. My step-father served in Viet Nam. I was not of age to serve and by the time I was of age, the draft stopped. I have several asian friends, some that are vietnamese and one in particular that has been in the U.S. now for about six years. I might even consider him my best friend. His name is Vu and, not surprising, his last name is Nguyen. Last month I had the opportunity to travel home with Vu while he visited family. We toured through Ho Chi Mihn City, Nha Trang, DaLat, and the small town of Cai Be, in the Mekong Delta, where Vu’s family lives. Even though I made many new friends and saw some incredibly beautiful places, I also saw the results of a represive government – extreme poverty. It put the world in perspective and made me truly appreciate the freedoms and livestyle that I enjoy in the United States. You were right on key when you said that freedom isn’t free. The lives of many were altered and much blood shed for the freedom that I enjoy today. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for doing what you had to do – being a patriot and hero in Vietnam. Sincerely, Ken Butner

Dan Marquardt

I really enjoyed your Vietnan tour. I was with Bco. 2/12INF.25thID from Oct. 68-Dec.69 We worked out of Trang Bang and FSB Pershing NE of Trang Bang up 6/A. I had to extend for 64 days to get the early-out. I went bact to Vietnam in Oct 98 and the people are very friendly. The kids study English in school and when they find out Americans are back they come from all over to practice their English. The country is beautiful and peaceful. God Bless

Zach Otto

I really like your web page but I was wondering if you have any ground pictures of the Vietnam War. If you don’t then it is o.k. Thanks

marc r. johnson sr.

I was the G-2 Operation Sergeant in Cu Ci, from Apr 68 – Apr 69. I was on duty one night in the division TOC when the communications site on Nui Ba Den was over run. It was raining and we couldn’t get up any gunship to help them. They weren’t protected by any infantry, only communications and mess personnel. As I remember the VC besides the US KIA’s took 4 U.S. prisoners. I still remember what a radio operator said as we listen in the dark and rain, he said “It is raining, the wind is blowing, people are being killed and there is nothing I can do.” I know the prisoners were released by the VC, but I think were suffering from wounds. Why doesn’t the 25th Infantry every hold a reunion? I am retired now, and will attemped to write a book about the year I served with the 25th. In a headquarters, you can experience the whole situation, and many funny things happen at very serious times. Let me hear from you.



I found your sight because I was searching for information on the Lancair iv. The pictures are great. I’ve been interested in the IV for a few years now. Is this your airplane or did you just go up for a ride in one? I would really love to be able to to this airplane in person and would gladly pay to go for a ride. If this is at all possible please call me at (714)738-1383 ext 2244 or e-mail me. If not the pictures were great anyway. thanks Paul

J See

Nice Web site. You’ve put tons of work into this! A co-worker is working up our business web site. Much more work involved than most people realize. Glad to see you’ve been a survivor. Didn’t have any brothers (I’m 46) otherwise they probably would’ve been there too. Saw the replica of the Wall in Spokane, Wa. about a year ago. Certainly makes one pause. Best to you and your family! J

Joseph Donnelly

I was with the 9th inf. division in 1970. I enjoyed reading of you experiences. I spent some time at Tra Cu. We had ground radar assigned to us on occaison when we worked out of FSB Gettysburgh on the Plain of Reeds. I recall an inncedent when we had a small mobile ground radar and its opperator with us on patrol, we had a contact and the radar dish took two bullets and was wrecked. Your a good writer ever think of a book ?

Greg Jarvis

I realy enjoyed your site. Good work I was with 173 Airborne 70-71 That was some place wasen’t it?

I am really impressed with your site. Great reading and great pics. Thanks for your service! I bookmarked your site and will also pass it on to others I know will enjoy it.

Klaus Kaiser

Just one big hello from Brazil to all Vietnam Veterans! Klaus

Marcia Roshon

It’s nice to see this type of information. My oldest brother was in nam for a year. Actually, I’m trying to help my nephew find information on gorilla warfare/vietcong for a paper he is writing for school. Hope you are doing well.

Clay Sevier

Dave, Thanks for showing the photo of the Piper Super Cruiser. I’m restoring an old RC Super Cruiser and have been looking for photos showing the original paint scheme. Your photo shows me what I need to know. I was even thrilled more to see your RC background, Aviation background and also helicopter interest. I work in the helicopter industry. Many Thanks for sharing a real cool site. Clay Sevier

howard m flath

bismarck n.d.

thanks guys

steve milbocker

I ejoyed your page. Back in the early 50s my grandpa had a small Piper dealership in our home town of Allegan Mi. 35d. He owned several Tripacers over the years, and instilled in me a love for flying at a very young age. I finally became a private pilot in 1991. After renting Cessna’s and Pipers for a few years I switched to ultralights and now fly a Flightstar II off of our farm. The kids and I enjoy the Flightstar but the Tripacer has a special place in my heart. I hope someday I could afford to own one or maybe a J3. thankyou again for the page. Steve

Mike Check “Mikey”

I got a wakeup in aug 66 nam in 67-68 Qui Nhon 86th Maint Bn Ill always remember the people and the places

Chuck Hjortness

I am a former member of the 2bn 9arty 25inf Division. I served with the initial shipment of 25th troops sent to Vietnam in December 1965/January 1966 from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Our base camp was then in Pleiku for all of the 3rd Brigade. After leaving country in January 1967, I understand that a change of command was made, and the 3rd Brigade of the 25th became part of the 4th Infantry Division sometime in 1967. All of the remaining forces of the original 25th were in Cu Chi, where the division must have remained for the duration of what I still refer to as the Vietnam War. I was hoping to find some roster information on the original members that shipped out from Hawaii to Pleiku in 1965/1966. Any help would be appreciated. Thank, Chuck Hjortness SP4 HHB 2Bn 9Arty 25th Inf. Div. Pleiku, RVN (Jan 66-Jan67)

SGT Bonds


I was in the 25th but not in Nam. The 25th is the best. Ged be with all Ex-Nam follow me out.

MSG Michael Jakubec

Its guys like you that gave me the will to serve. God bless you and your family. Jake

Amy Contino

I was just browsing through all the Vietnam websites. The current situation has piqued my interest a little as I am a member of the Air National Guard. Great job!

Frank Free

Great site. Was at Tra Cu from 5/69 to 1/70 with PBR River Division 552. I remember the 25th being there on several different occasions. Wasn’t Tra Cu a “piece of work”.

Richard DeCosta
I am currently building a Pietenpol Air Camper, but am also looking into buying a Tri-Pacer to fly until (and after) it’s done. I still dont know a lot about Tri-Pacers yet, and this site has inspired me to find out more! This is a great site!



Served attached to the 25th Infantry Div. W/ “MANCHUS” 4 th of the 9th Infantry July 1968 thru July 1969 Sgt. E-5 squad leader infantry grunt. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. I am doing quite well,I still remember those times, but not in a bad way.

Heather Brown

nice page….helped me out a lot with my history class.

Justinian Bakarus

mike smith

Great page. I was with 4/9th Inf, 25th Div from 1/69 – 1/70. Spent all my time in War Zone C. FSB Stoneman, Mole City, French Ft, Frontier City, Tay Nihn, and Nui Ba Den. May have crossed paths. We used radar at these locations. KUTF Mike

Daniel Kerley

Hi Dave, I was in Nam during 66, 67 & 68, around the Dong Ha area, a few miles south of the DMZ. I have a lot of slides of the area including Phu By, Kason, Hue and “Hill 180”. I was in the Marines and provided Radio Relay coverage out in the Jungle for Line of Sight communications. Your pictures bring back a lot memories, good and bad!!

Jason Lamorand

I just jioned the army and am wondering what your thought are about what you did in vietnam. In other word how do you feel about yourself after it’s all over. Do you feel bad that you had to kill or do you just forget about it and just think of it as something you were told to do and that’s that. I will soon be stationed in Atlanta, Georgia for bootcamp and am wondering what is the best thing to do when I get there. It’s a very confusing time for me because my family has all these expectations for me. Do you think the Army is the best thing for me in the long run? sincerely, Jason Lamorand

sp/5 wc Martin

Served with the 3/13 arty. 155 sp’s Hobo woods , war zone c To many times my ass was saved by men better then myself, and every time I lift a glass of beer to my lips I toast these fine souls…war sucks.. lets all hold hands and walk into the warm glow of a better day.I love my family, I love my sons, I love my life,………I love the person I have become, and yes I love the brave young Viet cong that I, as a lesser person, grow to heat. there bravery was no less then ours. WC Martin

Bob Hermann

Dave, Great page. It brought back a lot of memories. I too, was drafted from the LA area and went to Basic at Fort Bliss. I was offered an opportunity to go to OCS or become a helicopter pilot. It sounded good until they told me it would add another year to my hitch. I said, “No Thanks.” As you state was the fate of most who did not enlist, I wound up in Fort Polk, LA, in Infantry School. Yes, you too can learn to kill in Tigerland. I wound up in ‘Nam in the 101st Airborne Division 1968 – 1969. I found your piece on the Early Out Program interesting. I did have to extend to get the early out (otherwise I would have to spend seven months in Fort Bragg). While in the extension period, every noise is ten times louder. You walk on eggs. Luckily, I made it back not much worse than when I went over.

Danny P rez Moriana

Hi, I’m a boy from Spain. I’m 18 years old. Last day, at school, I saw a Vietnam’s War document, like a film. It was about a litle village, I can’t remember the name. Americans soldairs, by a mistake, Killed babies, womens and old people. I believe that these soldairs can be in peace to god now, because there is a lot of time from that day. Well, I want to say you a lot of congratulations of this web site, and if you can please, write me to say that you get my e-mail. Thanks a lot anb be awasome. Usa is the best country in the world!! be american. be cool. Bye, see you Danny

Bill Ditmars

Interesting site. I was looking into Tripacers and ended up reading some about Viet Nam. I’m a private pilot with 850 plus hours and did a couple of tours with the Navy in Viet Nam. This was a good read!

Arley Kimble


Dear Vietnam Veteran, Hello, my name is Arley Kimble. I go to Licking Valley High School in Newark, Ohio. I am currently taking an american history class where we are learning about th e Vietnam War. I am doing a project on this war. I have just finished reading excerpts from the book Dear America: Letters Home from the Vietnam War. They were very touching yet exciting at the same time. I would like to ask you some questions about them and others pertaining to the war. What was you experience with the Vietnam war? Did you get any serious injuries? Was you ever any type of combat leader or anything? What was it like to finally be able to come home? Do you know approximately how many of your Vietnam buddies are alive today? Well, I appreciate you taking your time to read my letter. I hope you can respond back reaal soon. Thanks again for taking your time.

(web-site owner’s note: If the person who posted this would please leave a valid e-mail address I would be happy to get back to them – Dave)

Eric Bigham

My Dad was in Vietnam. Even though he was cursed and spit on at the airport when he got home, I am very proud of him.


I was doing a report on vietnom war and stumbled across your page. My uncle fought in the war and my dad just drove people around. Dad was not in the jungle but me uncle was. He was almost killed. If it was not for him trying to save his friend he would have been dead.

matt lonergan

Loved it,man. I was in 11th USAFAD in Italy during Gen. Dozier incident (1981). Respect you guys 100%. Great Site. How do I post one for my partners in the 11th? Keep it up, I’m a serious student of Vietnam. Seeing our guys there when I was a kid is what made me enlist… Thanks! Matt Lonergan

Jim Majors

I attended the Bob Hope Christmas show that year. Neil Armstrong was there fresh from the moon. I have the entire event on cassette tape. If you’d like a copy let me know. It’s now 30 years old. Jim (116th Assault Helicopter Co. CuChi and Chu lai 1969/70.) Take care.

kathleen pierce

hello i found your site very interesting. I found it while looking for records of my husbands father. From what i can tell you were stationed there after he died. Thank you for your words and pictures.


This is an absolutely wonderful site and I really enjoy reading your personal experiences and listening to the patriotic music.

Pete Catanese


Dave, your page is very interesting reading. I am an Army Officer who was assigned to a Target Acquisition Battery in Hanau Germany from 1988-91. I ended up going to war as the counterfire officer and radar platoon leader. (F Battery 333 Field Artillery…on Fliegerhost Kaserne)It had a reputation for being a really wild unit that always got in trouble. I looked at the unit linage and found that F-TAB was formerly 1-26 TAB on Francois Kaserne. I’m curious about your experiences when you were in the TAB in Germany. Sincerely, Pete


i had fun looking through your room it sounds like you have it all thanks

Robert Newell

I really enjoyed your pictures and memorable flights. I just bought a 1955 Tri Pacer 150 and I can’t wait to take my son on summer trips in it, this year. Be good and always look to the skies.

Allen J Price

Skip Hahn
Just stopping by to visit or re-visit all old friends and to let you know of a change to my home page URL ( and Email address ( ). You have done an outstanding job on your page keep up the good work. Let s all pray that this will be the year that we bring all of our missing POW/MIA back home. Looking forward to your visit or re-visit to my home page, and remember the coffee is always hot so stop by and have a cup. Also please visit our VFW Post 3377 Home Page that I maintain.

harry page

Just looking for old friends of August Bolt, 25th inf. div., KIA 1 July, 68.

mike woolsey

my brother was at cu chi in 70 his name is robert woolsey you might have known him he was with a radar unit in the 25divarty if so i can get in touch with him for you.