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Norman “Butch” Petit

Dave, Nice Base Camp to drop by. THe 25th was still a very active unit in the NAM the whole war. We had the 13th and 8th Artillary droping them in for us. “On the WAY WAIT!” Butch Petit Squad Ldr & Tunnel Rat B Co 1st Bn (M) 5th Inf 2nd Bdge 25th Div Cu Chi Feb66 / Feb67 1st Plt 3rd Squad

matt fuller

this is a great site im doing a report over the vietnam war and this really helped alot thanx. matt

Dan Corvin


Hi there, I was with the 25thDivArty in 1967-68 at Tet. Yes, wasn’t Cu Chi, Dau Tieng, Tay Ninh, and all the other places lovely. I was in charge of the Crypto/Codes while there. Nice to see your story. My Best, Dan



Just checked out your site. We were at the same places at approx. the same time. I also spent a few weeks at Tra Cu. I was there for Thanksgiving ’69. Can’t say I miss it but it was interesting in the fact that it was different as it was kind of long and narrow. But it was also so very close to the Cambodian border. Too close if you really look back at it. We spent our time there going on ambush patrol at night. The Navy would bring us out at night and pick us up in the morning. If I remember right, those Navy guys had it pretty good compared to us grunts of the 1/27 Wolfhounds. But looking back, I wouldn’t have changed the experience of the Vietnam War. For those of us who were lucky enough to survive, it made us better men. Thanks for the site. Some of your pictures bring back some good memories, especially the Bob Hope Show that they flew us in for. We spent a few minutes there but we left to go to the PX. It had been over a month in the bush so we were eager to spend some of our money. Richard

jack niles

I was at tra cu with rivdiv 532 jan. 69 to approx june 69 so I know those rivers and the 52 strikes, also we lost a lot of good men there. glad to see that u did not buy the farm.take care. smc jack niles usn rivdiv532


I was just trying to find some information for my dad who also servered two terms in the Vietnam War in the 25th Infantry Division. I thought that maybe I could find some sites that would be healing to his soul that still suffers. I found yours to be excellent and I am printing it out for my dad. Maybe you knew him…His name is James (jack) Howerton from Del City, Oklahoma. Keep up the good work and Thank You.

tom bull

I served in the 25th MP Co. Jan 67 to Jan 68. I was just searching the net and came upon your page.

Alicia Johnson


this is a very excellent page and it gives many interesting ideas and photos about the war and what they had to go through

Wesley Hallamn

Was in the 1st of the 5th infantry div. in nam from leaving from ft carson in july 68-july69 operted the an/tps-15 on the dmz out of lower towers, with a great big starlight scope. Last stop was at lz sharon. While in germany I worked with the an/tps-4 and tps-33 for my three year there. Thank you for telling it like it was. for the most part nam was a good tour And speaking about planes those guys(sparky’s) that flew spotter for the jets should be give all the danm metal thier chest can hold. To me none braver

randy pridemore

Joe Russell

David this is a very good site on the war in Nam.I was in the Army from Nov. 76 til nov 79 and I served with many Vets…The pain was still fresh in there eye’s. When I was in my teenage years before the Army…I longed to be there…thinking I could have helped or made a difference somehow…Something in my mind keeps drawing me to learn all I can about you guy’s that fought and died and survived over there…thanks again…welcome home!

Dave Pasquale

I work at witmer’s aircraft service in reading pa. found your page because we are restoring a tri pacer as we speak

dre bou mitri

thanx for your info, cuase i’m usingit for a social studies project on induividulas who have gone through vitenam, thanks

James Jones

“Nui Ba Den” Dave, You said that you believed “that the U.S. Army had a communications station at the summit for a period of time. (September, 1969)” Dave, I know for a fact that many young men were executed on that mountain after a night of futile defense and heroic efforts to extract them from the camp. We watched from the grounds of the 45th Surgical Hospital the flares and the tracers lighting an erie, deadly glow around the top as the battle waged on. In the morning they brought the bodies down. Many had been shot point blank behind the head, They were so young and so dead. I’ll never forget it. As I recall, they were with communications and vital to Long Range Patrols (LRP’s) as well as all of South VN because of the unique features/position of “Black Widow Mountain”. Cpt. James Jones, MC (MD)

Sherry M. Paradis

My brother Walter Magoon was also in the Vietnam war from 1971 through 1972 It was tough for him.

Terry Green

I guess I was just lucky, I was assg to 7/11th fa in July of 72. It later became 2/11. We trained guys right out of basic. I was then transfered to 1/8th as cadre to train more guys straight out of basic. I will never figure out how we missed being sent to V/N. Just pure dumb luck I guess.


Dave, I enjoyed the site. I looked up Tri Pacer on Yahoo and your site came up. I am glad I stopped by. The flying stories are great. I am finishing up my private’s license and hope to be having some adventures of my own soon. The plane looks like fun.

jose a. castro

I was in the 7th Bn. 15th field artillery Pleyku 1970 to 71. I am looking for some info.on my unit.

Chuck Barclay

Just happened upon your site while doing a yahoo search. Enjoyed your story of the flight of 78A. Gives me hope for the future. I am the owner of 2279A

Mike Check

Enjoyed your page I was in Shrang valley Just west of Qui Nhon Hwy 19 I was depot rebuild mechanic 160th HEM Co. 86th Maint Bn.Oct. 67-68. Hope you are well. Mike Check

1SG Jim Shinault (Retired)

Richard M.Clatterbuck

Iwas in pleku,vietnam dec.1967 to 1968 with 1st,14th,25th division a cook.other with me were danny mederios,jerry hoover,arlas wilder, Isaw Danny in 1975 or 76 in calif. WE WERE also in (unsure of spelling)chu lie and duc foe. i GOD BLESS ALL OF US WHO CAME BACK..

Michael Wells

HHC 1st Bn 5th (Mech) 25 ID Aug 66 – Apr 68

John Webb

I enjoyed your site. Your comments on Vietnam today were heartfelt and thought provoking. I was with 3/4 Cav, 1st Plt, A Troop, 66 – 67. You have returned. I wish to some day.

eric denny

My father was Jerry David Denny, Captain, USAA. I know nothing about his service, my mother will not talk about it. He died Jan 31 in the Tay Ninh province and was a member of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division. Any information is welcome. Capt Eric Denny, USAF

Ted Malecki



Joseph A. Snow

I’m a hopeless romantic about Tripacers and enjoyed your web page very much. I hope to join the happy ranks of Tripacer owners soon and I’m always checking out info about this beauty. I just received my private pilot ticket last July and have always dreamed of owning a Tripacer. My flight instructor and 2 mechanics at the airport where I fly out of have all good things to say about this airplane. Feel free to send me any info regarding this airplane. Thanks for sharing your passion with the rest of us! Sincerely, Joe Snow, 2802 Northland Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715)834-8479

Sumner W. Kinney
Today is 11 Nov 99. I was with the 1st Bn 8th Fld Arty HHB from 69-70. Would enjoy hearing from anyone that was there during that era. The early out program that you discuss in a paper was a bad deal in hindsight. We should of come home to a military base in the US in order to get our feet back on the ground.

donald powell

When young I had a 1953 tripacer that I flew a lot. N3403A I got married and got rid of the tripacer. The tripacer is what I sould have kept…… Have fun.

Luka Kumer


Those guys serving there must have been real brave. I am their great fan. I would really like to meet some of them to hear(or to read) the story from first hand. Luka Kumer ,Slovenia(x – Yugoslavia)

Rob Baughman

I really enjoyed the pictures and stories about your Tripacer. I am a newly licensed pilot and was able to enjoy my first flight in a 1953 tripacer just this week. A gentleman at the local airport owns it and is willing to sell it to me at a reasonable cost. I am truly in love with the aircraft, and look forward to possibly owning my first.

walter cooper

served with a/1/27 25th infantry in 70 welcome home brother

edward r. navarro


station saigon military police 1969 I’m still serving in the active reserves afcourse i have change to the USCG I serve as reserve recruter. I have enjoy your page

Kim Campbell

Dave, Very interesting page. I was unable to get in the army in 1969 when I graduated high school because of poor vision in one eye. I felt like I let my fellow citizen down for many years. However my friends who did go convinced me that I did’nt miss anything worthwile. I sincerly want to thank you and all the other vets that served. Being older and wiser I believe we should not have been there under the restrictions our government made you guys suffer under. Good job and thanks again. Kim Campbell

Nathan R. Turner
Hi! I really like your story about Vietnam. I am a 16 Year old kid. Who is thinking seriously about going in the military. I just wondered if you can tell me alittle about how the army works and the training it takes to become a soilder. I’ve been everywhere and nobody will give me that information. Even the Official Army page denise that info. so if you could give me a little hint, and tell me what I need to do to prepare myself, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Mike Concannon

Dave – Nice stuff. I am an ex Naval Aviator, cut my teeth on the A-4 series. Also have always been deep into civil aviation (CFI, ATR). I flew a Tri-Pacer as a teenager ($10 bucks for 1/2 hr dual!) when they were new – circa 1957. I always liked them, and their looks Best regards Mike Concannon

marion david persinger

I went into national guards of fla. in 1956 at the age 15. went usa army in 1956-57, special forces e-7, in 1957-58, nam. in 1959-60, reinlisted in nam. discharged in 1964. like to obtain information on this time and era if possible. thank you m.d.persinger







Andy Elliott

Enjoyed your stories.

David M. Bond

Vietnam Address: SPC 4 2nd 35th 3rd Brigade at Pliekoo

john ruggiero

enjoyed your homepage. brought back memories. was at cu chi 1966-1967, with the AGC.

Scott Santa

I enjoyed reading your airplane, journey of love, project. I purchased a 1958 Tri-pacer 1 year ago and have taken on the task of recovering the wings and tail feathers this winter. I have striped everthing and was starting to feel overwhelmed until I read your story. I hope to be back flying by spring. I can hardly wait to fly back into the Great Bear wilderness this comming summer.

Blaine Yaeger

kjp1@concentric .net

Dave, I am only 31 .born in 1968. I would like to say thank you for your great story. Also thank you for being a damn good american. PEACE & LOVE Blaine Yaeger

John Williams


Great pictures! Nice to see a well maintained Tri-Pacer. I used to own a 1961 Piper Colt and really enjoyed flying it. Hope to someday purchase a Tri-Pacer or maybe another Colt. They’re great airplanes.

Olivier Etienne

I’m a student at the Belgian Air Force studying flightmechanics and I want discuss the tri-pacer in all his technical ways, like the engine . So if you could give more technical information about the plane or if you know an adress on the internet, plese send it to me. My uncle also has a tri-pacer, the OO-JAK! But he can’t give me all the information I need, but you had to fix your plane so I hope that you can give more technical information. Kind regards, Olivier Etienne p.s.:nice homepage

Bob Yortel

I wish to know about the battle in Gia Dinh on 5/11/68. SGT Leonard Bell of the 25th inf div was killed in action on that day. Thank you

Stephanie Workman

I love your site I’m really in with the Vietnam War stuff and I want to learn lots more each day it’s reall practically what I search for every day on my computer. Thank You so much. And if you were wondering I am An eight grader.



I was at Tra Cu in 69 and remember seeing the orange tower you put up. I was on a damaged PBR getting repaired. I can still remember laughing watching the clusterf— involved between the Base CO and your crew putting the tower up. Tke care Shipmate and WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

Frank Sperandeo
Dave, Great web page! There is so many interesting topics and great sharp photos. Hope to meet you again at the swpc meetings. Franco