Welcome to Eye in the Night, a personal narrative about my tour with the 25th Infantry Division Artillery as a battlefield ground surveillance operator. After stuffing my memories in a little box in the corner of my mind for many years, I finally decided to share my experiences in Vietnam. The narratives I share here are not complete, so they only show a snapshot of my 12 month tour. This is a work-in-progress. As I continue to add to my narratives, I’m slowly learning to remove some of the sugar-coating and share a little more of how it really was.

In reading my website, you will find that my primary goal is to relate what’s it’s like to be a college student one day and a soldier the next, soon to be shipped to foreign and sometimes unfriendly lands. Such an adventure evokes many feelings: a sense of adventure, camaraderie, pride, loneliness, fear, apprehension, homesickness and even a little optimism to carry one through tough times. I was 21 years old when I shipped over to Vietnam and a very-much-older 22 when I returned home.

If I could sum up all of my experiences in the U.S. Army in just a few words, it would simply state that I came away with a genuine appreciation for our freedoms and what it continually costs to protect them. I hope that thought is contagious.

-David Stafford


“Take these men as your example.
Like them, remember that prosperity can
only be for the free; that freedom is the sure
possession of those alone who have the
courage to defend it.”