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Kim Selvog

Was in the 25th C battery 2/77 artillery from Feb. 70 till I think about Sept. 70 (the 25 stood down and I was transferred to the 1st cav) Was on FSB’s Wood, Quick, Dau Tiang base camp, Tennessee. Anyone else there?

ashley gilman
I thought this website was very good! It made me sad though. I am glad I was not in your position! Good luck in everything you do!

Scott Hanson


Marlous (from the Netherlands)

Great site, it helped me a lot with my project about the Vietnam war (I’m doing a project about the movie “The Deer Hunter”, we’re investigating if the movie tells a story about Vietnam that’s really true. Thanks a lot

Password money — Btry 6/77th Arty 25th Inf Div. 3-23-68 to 3-23-69 Welcome home Brothers and Sisters. God’s Blessings on You and Yours.

Clifford Truax

Nichole Bailey

My dad, Ken Nichols, was in the 25th infantry division B troop, 3rd squadron, 4th calvary from April ’67 to April of ’68. If anyone was in this area or associated with any of the above, please let me know. Thanks, Nichole

Tori Sikes

I love what you have done! I find it truly amazing that you would be willing to share your stories, and spend so much time on your site. Your site is so intristing, and very informative!

Jim Rowell

Dave, what a great web site you have. I stumbled across it and spent a good part of my day on it. I was with 2/8th Cav, 1st Cav Div. in ’68-69 in Tay Ninh Province as a grunt. I’ve got a few photos of the Black Virgin Mountain, too! I’ll share them with you if you want. Glad you made it home and kept your sense of humor! JIM

Johnny R. Sinnett

D Reid

Your memories you have offered to others honor those who never came home. I never served in Vietnam, but chose to volunteer before the end. Sadly, images of two friends who, lacking financial resources for college, ended up being drafted and never returning to their parents and brothers and sisters still haunt me to this day. They stood and served their nation to the end, others did not, and so must be endlessly tormented by their personal act of shame. Thanks.

Brooke Votra


I am very interested in going into the Army but I am not sure about Boot camp yet. I still need alittle more thinking but these sites really help me make a great decision. keep up the good work on your sites.

Nicole Christine Francalancia

When i first read some of the things the got to me. I know I’m only 17 but the things i’ve heard or read make me want to cry. I’m glad i found this wed page.

Bob Miller

Good page.

Juan Mafnas

Really enjoyed your website-thanks for sharing all your experiences. Just yesterday I have contacted with some people with my old unit, the 84th Engr. Battalion, Qui Nhon 1966-67. Thanks again for a great web site.

Melissa Schmidt
Hooah and welcome back home brother. I was doing some deeeeeeeeeeeprecon on RTOs for my new club at Yahoo. I came across this LZ. You got a great page here, well done. I was wondering if you could do a recon on I am lookin for Nam Vets who were RTOs or had experience with them or with radio equipment. My husband Steve was a Chief RTO serving 2 TODs in the Army Special Forces, and he was in Cambodia and Thai and other places where he was not supposed to be at. I noticed that there were not alot out there for RTOs so I created a club for you cool and elite people who really were the main eliment of the unit, the commo men who called in Arty as well as choppers for extractions and resupply. You were the ones who literally got your team members out of the shit. Good job here Dave…Keep up the good work.


Larry Nuckolls

I really enjoyed your web page !!! I was with Co. C 3/22 and Co B. 2/22 ( M ) “triple Deuce” from 11/69 – 11/70 as an 81MM Mortar crewman. Welcome home ! Larry

Larry Houston
Dave, Great story! Welcome Home!


great page…i’m doing a report for school thanks for the pictures and the info!

bill pierc

Jason Meyer

A facinating web page. I am now currently serving as a 105mm Battery Executive Officer for A/3-7 FA at Schofield Barracks. The candor and honesty of your thoughts make for a very enjoyable learning experience. Reading these memories put a true human touch to the War. Thank you for sharing with my generation.

Steve Falconer

I was with Hq&Bco.725th Ord Bat, 25th Inf. Stationed Schofield Barricks Hawaii, 60-62, served Nam 12-24-61 to 3-18-62 wounded and evacked out Saigon then Clark AFB. Few people knew we were there that early. It got really ugly later luckily I was out and home. Your built a great site.

Daniel J. Shoop

Dave, Very much enjoyed your web site! Our lives are parallel in that I too got into R/C and got licenced in full-sized aviation in the early 70’s after spending a few years in the service, including a 13 month stint in RVN. I was in the I-Corp area (3rd MAW, 1st LAAMs) and also saw roughly the same Bob Hope show you saw when he brought it to DaNang. Thanks for the excerpt about the “Girl in the Photo” fraud. There is plenty of disinformation still floating around about Viet Nam, even this long after the war. I am a member of the SWPC and am thinking about aquiring a short wing of some sort after I retire in a about 5 years. I was a partner with a 1973 PA-28R-200 until I went overseas (Saudi Arabia) in 1996. Now, I just want to putter around the sky in a nice ragwing when I get home. Regards, Dan

God bless you and Thank you for serving! My site is a Tribute to my father who was KIA 3 weeks before I was born.

Lori Colbourne

Hello, I’m Lori, I’m 14 and from Wales, Uk… I was just searching for my history homework/coursework and your site came up, so thank you for the help and pictures..

DeWayne Kinney

Your scrapbook was great!

Johnny Sinnett

I served at Cu Chi in the 3rd of 13th artillery from Oct. 1967 to Oct. 1968 I have alot of pictures that are simlar to your. Johnny Sinnett.

Randy K.
Wow! What a site. I came here to check out your Vietnam goodies, but I see you have a whole bunch more to offer! I guess there is life beyond Vietnam and we were not all the bunch of “burn outs” that the press would like the world to believe! I will be back again to check out the rest. Nice job! Randy K.

Mike W. Wilkins
I love your music selection, if only more were like this one! I would like to see Dream Weaver on here too, or Drift Away but I do like this site. I have BOOKMARKED it so I can keep returning.

Greg B.

Just surfed on in while looking for airplane pictures. What a pleasant surprise to find such a diverse site! I really enjoyed your pages Dave (and your midi music, too).

Mike Byrne

Dave, I’m John’s older, wiser, handsomer and more modest brother. John said he would try to load a printer file here for my daughter’s MAC. Am still trying to find out which version of OS is on her cmptr. I’ll check back again tomorrow.

Bill Bussel

new visitor.

Noel Anderson Colt N5856Z

Dave; Where did you get the “counter” for your Web page?

Thomas Smith

Nice site! Nice diversity! I, too, will “bookmark” it and return many times. I’m also a Viet Vet who worked in the same AO as you as well as supporting the 25th Infantry. We were an artillery battery working primarily out of FSB Rawlings at the foot of the “Black Virgin” mountain.


my favorite site,thanks i really enjoy it.will pass on your location to other vets.really brought back old times.

Bill Westerman

Very nicely done site! I was surfing for some F-86 photos and found just what I was looking for at your site. Also, I see you’re a radio control buff – great looking models. And your travel page – man, you travel a lot!

Dave: Nice page bro….Welcome home..!!!! I have some bros what were 25th grunt’s. I will pass on this site mabey you know them…gene’o

George “Gunny” Fallon
David my Brother, I’ve just made the rounds and your page is still one of the best on the web. Matter of fact I’ve been stealing your midi’s two at a time 🙂 And then there’s your Vietnam page… Every time I see it it does something for me. In fact, your Vietnam page is what inspired me to do my Vietnam Experience page. And I thank you again for the use of your photos there. Well Brother, keep up the great work, Gunny

Tony Tonogan
Dave, Thanks for visiting my site and signing my guestbook. I’m glad you did, never would have known about your Excellent site, beyond impressive. There is no room for improvement. I didn’t have time to visit in one setting. Will have to come back. Your midi collection is awesome. I see by your resume where you got all the hits, and ability to do all of it. Congratulations on an awesome site. You ought to do a mirror site in Pentagon at Geocities, I can almost guarantee more recognition that you can imagine. Although you’re doing quite well where you are. I know all about the Tipsy-25, your outfit supported my Artillery Battalion at CuChi and probably TayNihn. 7/11thFA, OnTime,OnTarget. I was in Recon with C, 4/9th Manchus, but assigned to C,7/ FO. You must have missed that page. Keep in touch brother.

Michael W. Wilkins
I think this is the best site I’ve seen yet. Good music, pictures, and nice graphics. Plus it isn’t hard to read. I have been surfing the net for two years. thanks, David Stafford for the E-Mail you didn’t have to mike

Dan Schave
Really enjoyed surfing your site. You have done great things with frames.

Dale DeBord, Sgt USMC 1968-71; Gunner HMM-262 Flying Tigers, RVN 1970-71
Thanks for visiting our Website and signing our Guestbook, Dave. Your guests are invited to visit Dale and Mary’s Very Personal Home Page dedicated to America’s Prisoners of War-Missing in Action, Veterans, HMM-262/Vietnam Flying Tigers, Missing Children, Motorcyling, Music, our Dogs, our Friends and Family, and our Son and His Art.

Hi Dave the place is looking good been here a hour listening to your selection of midi’s nice collection. I can remember seeing all this on your “Dave’s Realm” page before. The frames really set it off good job stay in touch Willy

David T Smith
Spent some time On top of Nui Ba Den as well as close to your location. The top of the mountain at the time I was there was controled by the 5th Special Fources, although I heard they were wiped out about 2 weeks after I left there. I hevv similar pictures as the ones you have of the Black Virgen Mountain. as it was called when I was there. Stars and Stripes notes a visit by Martha Ray also at the time I was there and was lifted off of the mountain supposedly because we were under heavy attack. More info needed more info given.

Ralph Troklus

Dave; Glad to see another S.L.O. county pa22 on the SWPC e-mail. ai own a pa22/20 and keep it at PRB. e-mail me sometime.

B ch Trinh
I came from Vietname since 1975. I was a small child then; there are not many things I remembered much about Vietnam. The only memories I remembered the most are the images of the American soldiers carried me and others to transfer from a canoe to a US Navy cargo ship; and those who helped us to come here to America to have a life of freedom. Thank you.

John S. Darlington
Dave.. Excellent site!! I’m going to spend a few hours of recon here! I’ll add a link to the site from mine. Take care and welcome home John (former Navy scope dope!)

Al Pristera

NICE SITE!!!!! It’s good to see other radar operators pictures. I was with the 9th inf radar from Feb 70 till Sept 70. when the colors were sent home. Then I was sent to the 101st. Operated pps5’s both places Imust have been south of you.My first site was the “Eagle’s Beak” area of the Song vam co Dong. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back

Skip Hahn
Howdy David, thank you for visiting my site so I wanted to return the visit. Very glad I did you have a well done site. You have every right to be proud of it and, keep up the good work. Will bookmark it for visits later.

Dave Blackledge
David, I visited your very nice site. When you get a chance, stop by Looks like you may have a story or two for us. Would also appreciate a link, and will link back to you if you’d like. Welcome Home. Dave Blackledge

Ralf Heitmann

Hi, just read your Honker memories, I had also 1974. Now flying all-Styro ME163 electric powered, 450 gr. ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ (Honker package)

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Mike Hester

I truly enjoyed your home page! I had an opportunity a few years back to purchase a TP, I wish now that I had done so. Again, nice home page and happy flying. P.S. I have been in Computer Science for 15 years and have developed a Logbook software package using Visual Basic as the engine. I’m trying to do an “informal” survey/marketing to see if there is interest among pilots for a low cost logbook package. If you have time and can reply, please let me know if this is a viable idea. I would be willing to offer 40 – 50 copies as beta test packages (free of course). Thanks again.

Tony Tonogan
Dave, Came back and stole some mids. Still don’t have my CuChi, TayNihn pics yet. Let you know when. Good Luck at the sitefights. Count on my vote everyday brother, just put me on your mailing list to give me the new URL every week. Hope my ad comes out, if not, please delete it. Thanks.

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WOW!!! Love the extensive midi collection. Great goin’….good luck in the Site Fights. Come visit the Shack….*smile*

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Lady Kathleen
Hello from The King of Knights and his Lady Fair at the Enchanted Castle We were out and about by Dragon’s Wing and wondered upon thy Place and found it to be wonderful!!! The King tis busy with the Taming of Dragons and Jousting the Jousts while his Lady Fair doth prepare for the gathering of the feast!!! Come by and join in the fun within the Realm!! All travelers art welcome!!!

Lady Kathleen & Sir Dale

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Great site you have here! I wanted to stop by and wish you the very best of luck in the sitefights!! GO KNIGHTS! I’ll be voting for ya!

Jason, Alan, Grandma, Mom

Hey Uncle David, How’s it going? Everybody is up here for Thanksgiving and we think that your website is great! I hope you’re having fun with it (I’m sure you are). Well we’ll be talking to you later. Jason

Shawn M. Peterson

As a former member of the 25th ID I found you site very informative. The main reason I searched through your site was to find info on my uncle’s old unit. He served with B Battery, 2nd of the 77th field artillery, 25th ID near the Angel’s Wing. How could I find out more info on whatever happened to his old unit?

Russ Jensen


Hi, Paul showed me your site. GREAT Job!!

Tom White

Dave, I was a radar tech for the 9th infantry division. They had two 25′ and a bunch of pps5’s. The batallian commander was rabid about keeping them going. I’ve spent a lot of hours on the tower at night trying to get it going again. Had any contact with operators or techs from the 709th Maint.?

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Tim Sullivan

Excellent web page. I own a 1954 tri-pacer.

Great use of frames. Very nice page you have here. Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook.

Just wanted to stop by and wish you well in the site fights! And to leave you a spirit stick to boost your spirits!! We enter the fights on Monday !! Good Luck!! Deborah

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Hi there! Well, still in there voting for you. hope you are doing the same for me. I’m getting beat up also. Enjoy! Tanakia


Nice page! The picture gallery was interesting… I served 11 months at 2:nd ranger company here in Sweden 94-95. /PK


Hi Dave you can delete this entry i have tried reaching you on your e mail but it comes back to me….drop me a line I want to ask you a few questions

Tom Striegler
Nice web site. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and will stop back by later to see what’s been added. Although I was in Vietnam a couple of years before you and spent most of my time in the Mekong Delta, I did get to Tay Ninh and Dau Tieng for a short period. Used to fire a lot of artillery up into the Parrot’s Beak area. Tom Striegler

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Beryl Prior

Nice photos,page looks good.very interesting.Thanks.

Jennifer Branch Denard
Thank you for the lessons on your page.Welcome home Vets!!!! I am very interested in the goings on of the 25th during Vietnam. My dad was a Golden Dragon. Maybe you knew him? He died in Dau Tieng on the Michelin plantation on 6-6-70. I have ear marked your page and will visit often. Thank you!!


Well…I havent seen the whole picture…I am not computer friendly…your web page is only coming up 3/4 of the way. Do you have a suggestion?

Dave Brennan

Nice home page Dave, I especially like the link to real audio of tower control. Keep up the good work! Is it possible to have real audio, or wav files of aircraft taking off? Thanks!


Thank you for sharing this part of your past.Enjoyed your site – spend a long time looking over your photos. I have my war photos too, but there are not as good quality as your pics. Mine are now mostly faded.