Guestbook entries, page 5

Lady Kathleen <>
Hello from The King of Knights and his Lady Fair at the Enchanted Castle We were out and about by Dragon’s Wing and wondered upon thy Place and found it to be wonderful!!! The King tis busy with the Taming of Dragons and Jousting the Jousts while his Lady Fair doth prepare for the gathering of the feast!!! Come by and join in the fun within the Realm!! All travelers art welcome!!!

Lady Kathleen & Sir Dale

Debi Gold <>
Hi Dave! I was gonna check out your site and THEN sign your guestbook but WOW! I had no idea of the scope of your pages’ content! So here I am, signing, bookmarking, and coming back when I have more time! =P Please visit a fellow Knight’s page, sign my guestbook, and if you think I’m worthy, vote for my page! I’m in Tournament I. Wind to thy wings!~*Debi*~

Lady Char <>
Good luck this week!
Keep your armor shining and your spirit bright!!


Dreamship <>
Nice job! Good luck in The Site Fights!

Dropper <>
Hello fellow Knight and welcome to the Site fights. You have a really cool page here and I like your frames set up. I just finished voting for you today and plan on voting for you for the rest of the week. I also have a page in the fights and was wandering if you could check it out and sign my guestbook. Also if you think its worth it can you also vote for me. Thanx and Good Luck.

~Always Keep The Spirit Stick Glowing~

Fairy Melora <>

~ sprinkle ~~ sprinkle ~~ sprinkle ~
You have been dusted by Fairy Melora
Each tiny sprinkle of dust brings with it a gift
Red sprinkles bring luck
Green sprinkles bring cheer
Pink sprinkles bring spirit
May the light from this spiritstick guide your path to victory.
Be sure to post some cheers in SHOUT IT OUT and share your good cheer and spirit with everyone
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Gerry <>
Hi There fellow Knight. Great pages. Really enjoyed my visit here. If you get a chance come on by and visit with me. Would love to entertain you. Oh, and BTW I’m in Tourney 3 if you would care to vote for me, that is if you like my pages of course. But no matter who you vote for, just please be sure to vote for our champion the Giving Lights in the Dome, and don’t forget the Enchanted Castle in the Warzone. Support them now, one day you will be there also. 🙂


Optima <>
Very nice! Good luck in the site fights! I voted 4 u! Im in the site fights too!

Fairy Snow!! <>
~~*~~Sprinkle, Sprinkle~**~~**You have just been dusted by a Spirit Fairy from The Site Fights. I’m here to wish you good luck in The Site Fights and to give your site a “Spirit Check”!! Dont forget to post a cheer in SHOUT IT OUT!! and let the cheers begin!!

shawn gregg <110415,>


++Sir Peter++ <>
What a great site YOU have here!
Good Luck in the fights!

Here’s a Canadian spirit stick for you Vote for Thunder Bay

++Sir Peter++

Lace <>
Great site you have here! I wanted to stop by and wish you the very best of luck in the sitefights!! GO KNIGHTS! I’ll be voting for ya!