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Jason Lamorand

I just jioned the army and am wondering what your thought are about what you did in vietnam. In other word how do you feel about yourself after it’s all over. Do you feel bad that you had to kill or do you just forget about it and just think of it as something you were told to do and that’s that. I will soon be stationed in Atlanta, Georgia for bootcamp and am wondering what is the best thing to do when I get there. It’s a very confusing time for me because my family has all these expectations for me. Do you think the Army is the best thing for me in the long run? sincerely, Jason Lamorand

sp/5 wc Martin

Served with the 3/13 arty. 155 sp’s Hobo woods , war zone c To many times my ass was saved by men better then myself, and every time I lift a glass of beer to my lips I toast these fine souls…war sucks.. lets all hold hands and walk into the warm glow of a better day.I love my family, I love my sons, I love my life,………I love the person I have become, and yes I love the brave young Viet cong that I, as a lesser person, grow to heat. there bravery was no less then ours. WC Martin

Bob Hermann

Dave, Great page. It brought back a lot of memories. I too, was drafted from the LA area and went to Basic at Fort Bliss. I was offered an opportunity to go to OCS or become a helicopter pilot. It sounded good until they told me it would add another year to my hitch. I said, “No Thanks.” As you state was the fate of most who did not enlist, I wound up in Fort Polk, LA, in Infantry School. Yes, you too can learn to kill in Tigerland. I wound up in ‘Nam in the 101st Airborne Division 1968 – 1969. I found your piece on the Early Out Program interesting. I did have to extend to get the early out (otherwise I would have to spend seven months in Fort Bragg). While in the extension period, every noise is ten times louder. You walk on eggs. Luckily, I made it back not much worse than when I went over.

Danny P rez Moriana

Hi, I’m a boy from Spain. I’m 18 years old. Last day, at school, I saw a Vietnam’s War document, like a film. It was about a litle village, I can’t remember the name. Americans soldairs, by a mistake, Killed babies, womens and old people. I believe that these soldairs can be in peace to god now, because there is a lot of time from that day. Well, I want to say you a lot of congratulations of this web site, and if you can please, write me to say that you get my e-mail. Thanks a lot anb be awasome. Usa is the best country in the world!! be american. be cool. Bye, see you Danny

Bill Ditmars

Interesting site. I was looking into Tripacers and ended up reading some about Viet Nam. I’m a private pilot with 850 plus hours and did a couple of tours with the Navy in Viet Nam. This was a good read!

Arley Kimble

Dear Vietnam Veteran, Hello, my name is Arley Kimble. I go to Licking Valley High School in Newark, Ohio. I am currently taking an american history class where we are learning about th e Vietnam War. I am doing a project on this war. I have just finished reading excerpts from the book Dear America: Letters Home from the Vietnam War. They were very touching yet exciting at the same time. I would like to ask you some questions about them and others pertaining to the war. What was you experience with the Vietnam war? Did you get any serious injuries? Was you ever any type of combat leader or anything? What was it like to finally be able to come home? Do you know approximately how many of your Vietnam buddies are alive today? Well, I appreciate you taking your time to read my letter. I hope you can respond back reaal soon. Thanks again for taking your time.
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Eric Bigham

My Dad was in Vietnam. Even though he was cursed and spit on at the airport when he got home, I am very proud of him.


I was doing a report on vietnom war and stumbled across your page. My uncle fought in the war and my dad just drove people around. Dad was not in the jungle but me uncle was. He was almost killed. If it was not for him trying to save his friend he would have been dead.

matt lonergan

Loved it,man. I was in 11th USAFAD in Italy during Gen. Dozier incident (1981). Respect you guys 100%. Great Site. How do I post one for my partners in the 11th? Keep it up, I’m a serious student of Vietnam. Seeing our guys there when I was a kid is what made me enlist… Thanks! Matt Lonergan

Jim Majors

I attended the Bob Hope Christmas show that year. Neil Armstrong was there fresh from the moon. I have the entire event on cassette tape. If you’d like a copy let me know. It’s now 30 years old. Jim (116th Assault Helicopter Co. CuChi and Chu lai 1969/70.) Take care.