Guestbook entries, page 29

Robert high

need more pictures but still nice web page

paul nielson

I do need some pictures from the vietnam war for a report.

Stephen A. Scholes

From one MIRACLE to another MIRACLE welcome home.

David Leonard

B.Co 36th Sig, 86th Sig Bn. Cu Chi, Mar 67- Mar 69, Now in Sierra Vista, AZ. Have alot of pictures from the tower to base camp. Went to GoDaHa a few times.

GUADAL@hotmail. com

i appreciate your website i thank you for sharing not many people do thanks it was great!

mike miller

im a student working on tales of the tet offensive what can you tell me thank you for you help

Dave Seward

I was with the 1st of the 5th,25th at cu chi 66 and 67. My CO was Major Oliver. I got hit in Nov. and laid up at Ft. Knox’s for almost 18 months. I really don’t remember very many guys from there because they left to fast. Got to go will get back later.

Dave Crocker

Really enjoyed your writtings Dave,you brought back a lot of long lost memories. Was in A/1/35th 4th Inf 67/68, My brother Dan was there at the same time in the Marines but we never got to see each other. Went to Japan for R&R also and found the Japanese to be the most hospitable of any place I’ve been. The taxis were a real trip though, more later.



Sandy Goble

Nice page. I can say that with some authority after going through a couple of hundred web sites in search of my significant other’s buddies from Nam. Have found one. Am still looking for the others.Keep up the good work! Welcome home.