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I was visiting my brothers guest book (Willy’s)and found your entry. You have a great page and it was interesting reading. Enjoyed it and will visit again.

Hi Dave, just doing a little surfing and wanted to catch up on your page…I read your new stuff (coming home and early out) I’m happy to say I got out of 15 days of my tour…I think they sent me home early for Thanksgiving but it’s hard to imagine the Army doing that…Had to be a snafu, but I was ready and I went…..Your pages are some of the best ….. I always come here if Im looking for a midi file too….Thanks dave, Take care….Willy

sandra Boozer

I am a supporter. Would like to say to all Vietnam Veterans, WELCOME HOME! a friend who cares, Sandra

I enjoyed my visit.. love your camping pics.. we just recently have moved from TENTING (years ago) to Class A motorhome.. having a blast..but it just doesn’t feel like ‘camping’…LOL..

Elmer L. Parker
parkrfam @
I enjoyed reading about your experience and military experience. I can relate to your experience although my experience was somewhat different as I was a medic and served from the fall of 70 through may of 71 at Quang Tri. This site brings back a lot of memories, both good and bad, but I’m really glad that I happened across it as I was cruising the net. Bookmarked it as I think I’ll be back to look it over again and to check out some of the links you got to other sites associated with the Vietnam experience Thank You

Alessandro Fazio

I’m building a website that contains a collage of historical images with links to the sites I picked tham from. I hope you don’t mind if I put up a couple of pictures and a link to your web page. Alex

John A (Jack) Scattergood

Good looking stuff. I was with the 25th from July 1964 thru Jan 1967.Cheers Jack Scattergood

Darrel La Mar Wakley

HISTORY/MILITARY LINKS and Idaho & Utah Travel & History/Trails Of The Old West/Fort’s Of The Old West/Marsh Valley Idaho/”Pioneer” History/Downey Ward History/School Days/U.S Army/Civil Service and United States Army Reserve/Present Day Forts/Rexburg Idaho/Downey MARSH VALLEY/ Military Links/Genealogy/Family Home Page/my book/539th Sig Co/1st Cav Div/96th Inf Div SFC DARREL LA MAR WAKLEY (RET) Life member VFW, American Legion, Rexburg Idaho


I am trying to find some of my boss’ comrades — he was a helicopter pilot until wounded in 11/67. He is interested in finding guys that were in flight school with him in Ft. Wolters, TX. Thought you might be … oh, well. Welcome home.

It’s my pleasure to see you on the net, I am a captain officer of R.O.C.Army, if permit, please introduce me more information of ground survillance radar, and I am very eager to find and collecct U.S. Army uniform. Thank you Kenny in Taiwan