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Craig Roberts

Really liked the Tri-Pacer story. I have been in one in the early 70’s The Crop duster I worked for had one before he got his Enstrom heli. Then he became a pain in the butt, as he would hover above the duster pilots and bother them on the radio, his call sign “Eagle one” our reply,”Ego one”! I must admit that my flight experience is limited to 172s a Luscomb 8a and my first flights thru solo in a 115 hp Citabria. Never quite got the licence but enjoy flying. and have a few GOOD stories about flying. My youngest son and I now fly R/C. I am guessing you live somewhere near Pismo / Morro area? You are welcome to come visit and fly R/C with us at our home field in Madera (Fresno Radio Modelers). Currently rebuilding a .60 size Model Tech CAP 21. and will be starting on a Yellow Aircraft A-4 which is what brought me to your page. I am looking for an unusual or distinctly marked A-4 to use for my paint scheme. So far I am partial to the Bi-centenial scheme. I also am lucky that one of the guys I work with was an A-4 ground crew men in the Navy so I can ask lots of questions. Nice Page! Also…I just finished a Jet Hanger Hobbies F-86 for a friend of mine (actully a rebuild of a crash) that has the same paint scheme as your photos! What a trip to see it!

tina fu

vietnam was a cruel for everyone, but it was a best lesson for the politician to learn before they like to send people over for war! thanks for the information.

justin stephens

rr 4 box 30-a teutopolis, il. 62467

Amber L.

I came across your site while doing research for a term paper. It’s funny, when I started this, I thought it would be just an other paper. But the more I read, the more interested i became. Thank you for your page and for all you’ve done. I had always considered myself a strong military supporter, but I had no idea what that was until recently. Thank you for fighting, it’s the highest honor there is.

Larry Ober 523 Trans. Co 8tth Group

Good page 69-70 Qui Nhon

Hi! Just stopped by for a visit. Your site is very nice and easy to navigate. I invite you to stop by The Town Square sometime. Take care and have a great day!


I am stationed with the 25th inf. now and am trying to find out about 6/77 arty during the war for my uncle if you could help or any others I would appreciate it. Sgt. O’Connell 1-27 wolfhounds Tropic Lightning, HooaH



nathan n. crowe

served in NAM 1969-70 u.s. army mortuary-Danang

Jim Lamb
Read your comment from the Just Cause link and I agree 100%. Enjoyed your site and loved the music. Need that for my site. We were there at the same time. Somewhere to the right of your picture in that sea of troops at the Cu Chi Bob Hope show is where I stood. Was passing through and had to hang around for the show. Last saw Hope in Morrocco, 1957. Full circle, time to go, so “Off we go…” Jim