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Ricc Waldeck

Thanks Dave! Irealy injoyed your work on this “burning girl ” story. My time was 68-69, camp carrol, evens,Tay Ninh. I was with the 2nd/20th ARA “Blue Max” I have never been to the wall,and probley will never go, to much “gook” involvement for me. I don’t support that group. 58,220 men that gave there lives are remembered there and to have a lier come there and give her forgivness to them for some thing they had no part in. Clinton, Fonda, how many more will come there to shit on these honered soul’s? Lets all feel sorry for the poor Vietnameese, ask a “combat vet” on recon how “chuck” left our downed pilots and wounded? Where are the news stories of the atrocities done to them? When will the “REAL” vet’s of Nam climb out of there holes and tell the true stories of Viet Nam, not the pretty stories told by hollywood, politicain’s and super stars? Thanks Dave…………….

Don Bryan

I was with the HHC 65th Engr Bn from 8/68 to 5/69. I was lucky and worked out of the Asst Div Engr office. I was at Cu Chi the night we had 10 CH47s blown up with sachel charger. A prayer for the ones that didn’t make it back. And for the ones that made it back, aren’t we lucky. A great sight.

jessica stroke

i really enjoyed looking through your website. i am a high school senior and im graduating in 7 days and i need to do 2 differnet reports on vietnam, both 7-8 pages long each. ilooked for an in-depth website for weeks and happened to come along yours today, 01-10-01. i think it is one of the best websites ive ever been to. its educational, full of pictures, full of opinion. it was overall extremely helpful. thank you for the information.i think you designed a wonderful webpage on somehitn, i think not that many 17 and 18 year olds know about,but should know! sincerely jess

adrian nolan jr

serve with the 25th from dec 1965 and departed for vietnam in feb or march of 66 on the troop transport ship, which i believe was the gordon. i spent most of the year with division supply, a company. i was drafted and return to the states in march 67 and was discharged in august at fort hood texas. i now reside in the state of wisc.

Kenneth Smith

What a great site. I served with HHB 3/13 arty with the 25th in 70. was at Cu Chi spent alot of time going from fire support bases all over the a.o. I ran the m-88 Tank retriver for Bn.Maint.When the unit went home I was reasigned to the 178 th at dong ha.and then on to kay sahn Thanks for the great site again

Stephen M. Webber

Excellent job on this Dave. I’m also a former TPS-25 operator, that was later in B-TAB, 1-26FA. Was also in a tower falling accident at Can Giouc around Jun 71. The similarities are uncanny. While in Nam I was in D Btry. 8th TAB, 25th Arty. Worked with the 265th, 267th, and 277th FA Dets. All TPS-25 sites. Went back in Jun 72 to Feb 73 and was on TPS 58 sites then. Was in B-TAB, 1-26th FA in Babenhausen, FRG from Jan 76 to Mar 77, much later than you. Great site and thoroughly enjoyed. Carry on brother and God bless you.

B W Milne
I served with the 25th Infantry Division “A” Battery 7/11 Field Artillery Tay Ninh, RVN 1968-69. I now have Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), high levels of arsenic in my blood & urine (due to agent blue I believe). The VA just denies all claims except the PTSD, so what else is new. We must unite and fight for our benefits due for the Agent Orange damage done to us all! Please stop by my web site and sign my guest book at “KEEP THE FAITH” & “WELCOME HOME VETERANS”

kaylynn kimbro

this is a really resourceful webpage my classmates and i are doing a project about the vietnam war and we are relating it with the music of the 60’s it is for my American Studies class your pictures are very good. Thank you for your insight and your sharing of your experience we know that it was hard for people to go over, and come back. Thank you

Thomas W. Peterson
From one Nam Vet to another….Semper Fi