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gene w. mark


This is an amazing site with alot of stories of what life was like in Vietnam, which most of the people who didn’t go would never really understand. I think it’s great that you are sharign this with a new generation of people. No one should forget about the people who died in Vietnam, no one.

Was in 25th Divarty HHB Survey Plt from Dec 69 to Nov 70. You’re the first internet connection to my unit, even though you were’nt there much. Found one other person thru the Association who was there the year before me, Larry was in Como. I put my stuff in a briefcase- easier than figuring out a home page- for me anyway. Nice site. Rob

John D. Gill

I served with 1/8th Arty Oct68 – Apr 70 as the AN/MSQ-4A radar repairman (MOS 26B30) I would very much like to establish a communications between us to remind each of us of the positive side of our mutual experience. If You would like to call (collect) my home tel (703)830-2963. I look forward to hearing from you. I may have some photo’s you would like to see also.

George M Korycinski

Great just great.I was there twice,Cobra pilot,your article bring back a lot of memories. George M.

Aris G. Scarla

Dave I stumbled onto your site by accident. I think I was looking up info on RC airplanes. I was only 13 when you went to vietnam and ended up just missing the war. I,m 46 years old living in Mesa, Arizona and I am a Captain with the City of Phoenix Fire Department with 23 years of service. I have served with many Vietnam veterans and have heard many stories. I really appreciated/enjoyed your site. You did a great job on it. Thanks for your service to our country. I honor and have taught my children to honor you and others who answered the calling. May God bless you , Aris G. Scarl

ralph lawler

great site was with hqusarv long binh 70-71 looking for tripacer or project for winter months

john brossard

Well told story,considering the amount of information you had to sift through in order to focus on explaining your experience. I am a Canadian living in Montreal I am saddened to hear about the fraud of the girl in the photo documentary. I have nothing but respect for vietnam vets you did what your gouvernment asked of you,even though history has shown the U.S. action in Vietnam to have been a pathetic mistake.Good luck to you it was very interesting reading your story.

James w Bedell jr

Maynard Vanlandingham

Just ran across your home page,it`s great.I also was a 17B20 but did just the oposite you did.(even the extra year)Was in Nam 67 & 68 then went to Germany.Spent all my time up on the DMZ I was in C Btry 2TAB 26 Arty XVII Airborne

Gary Stanley

This is to let you know that the MPQ-10 and The MPQ-10A were reserected by the Air Force in the early 1980’s and used as Electronic Warefare Platforms at Gila Bend AZ, Eielson AFB AK, and may still be used at Saylor Creek Range (R3202) and the Grasmere Electronic Combat (EC) site is located approximately 25nm southeast of Mt. Home AFB, ID. I’m an Ex-Automatic Tracking Specialist (Air Force) and I trained on the ’10’s’ at Gila Bend and installed the ones in Alaska. I always wondered who used them before we got them. If I get time maybe I’ll send you some pictures I have of them.