Guestbook entries, page 54

Jim Steinman

Thanks for the opportunity to visit your page. I spent most of my time reading the comments in this guest book. I had actually visited briefly once before and copied your Tripacer stats. My wife and I have a 57 Tripacer (8000M), which we bought in Alaska when we were working in Dillingham a few years back. We flew it to upstate New York where we now live. We have enjoyed the plane tremendously, but unfortunately, are needing to sell it now. Reading your story about your tripacer reminded me of a dream I had last night, wherein I was flying the tripacer with a full load of 3 passengers and had to set down on a country road for some reason. I couldn’t get it off the ground again, and found myself wandering through a large dining hall looking for some help, carrying the tripacer around on my back and trying to be careful not to bump into people with the wingtips. I have gotten in and out of some tight places with it, but nothing like that. Forgive my wordiness. I would like to come back and visit again sometime. If any of those folks interested in a Tripacer would like to contact me, you can give me a call at (3l5)894-2593. I have someone quite interested in it at this time, but the no final offer has been made. More details are available at AOPA classified section also.

John Nelson

I was a heavy equipment mechanic in Seabee Team 0913. The last Seabee Team to live at the base in Go Dau Ha. We left in July of 1969. Were you there then. I remember a fellow in the Army radar unit from Texas. I believe his first name was Jim. I lost all, the pictures I had of the base . What a surprse when I ran into your pictures

Carolyn Fry

Wonderful midi site . Great job . Please keep it up …

Peter Lubig

I just started to read your home page, very interesting and well done. I’m presently looking for such an aircraft and seeking more info. on the Pacer or tri-pacer. It would be great to teach my kids to fly an aircraft like above. thanks Peter

Chris A. Boyes

Dave, You have done an excellent job on this web page. My Vietnamese wife came to the U.S.after her father was released from a Viet Cong re-education camp. To better understand her life, I’ve embarked on much research. I have read many different books and articles detailing many of the relevant issues. It is interesting to see the many viewpoints that help define my understanding. Thanks for helping with your excellent web page. Sincerely, Chris A. Boyes


I was very young when my father joined the navy. I can remember him vividly in his dress uniform leaving while my mother cried. I am very interested in hearing the stories and facts regarding this war. Thank you for everything you did. This website was one of the best I’ve come across yet!!

Helen Ewing

Hi, I am trying to find the names of the army firebases in Vietnam. Do you have a list of them and their locations? I am trying to help my husband get Service Connection. Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks

albert chevarie

iam a canadian but always thought you all got a bumm deal for what you guys done there but myself have the most respect for you all


I had a report due the next day, and it was to be on the vietnam.This site helped a lot, thanx.great work

Brainard Janicki

47 year old GA student looking for a plane,the Tripacer looks cool.