Guestbook entries, page 42

Jim Pluimer
Excellent site, Dave! I served in Cu Chi from 01/69 to 12/69 with the 725th Maint. Btn. Must have been standing right behind you at the USO show. Was your name “Bill” that day?

Christian Meyer
Howdy Dave, really great page, phantistic Photos! Found you searching piper-tripacer. I`m interestet a`58-160 Tripacer. The asked Price is about $27.000.-. TT 1905H, TB 840H Very old NAV/COM. Can you give me some Info to respect before buying this Plane? Many Thanks, Greetings from Germany Christian

edward lin

Your picture are very impressive. If possible please send me further information. thanks,

Rob Rivais

Since you were at cu chi I was wandering if you might know of any suviving tunnel rats. WELCOME HOME from a Canadian…

Pfc. Mario C. Gonzalez
I am a soldier in United States Army. My MOS is 11Bravo(Light Infantry) Your account of the experiences in Vietnam really moved me. I don’t know what I would have done there. Probably the character flaws that I know exist in me would come out, in deadly force. Myself, I am afraid of what I might be capable of. I know I picked a shitty MOS, because of what I might have to do, and what I might have to experience in war. Time will tell if I will become the killing machine that I know lives in inside of myself, and the majority of the other soldiers in my MOS. Truly, God help those that would oppose the US.
Web owner’s note: I’m sure you’ll do well should you ever be called to battle. It is my prayer, however, that there will be no more wars.

Harry T. Kiley

I served with HHB 25th Inf. Div. Arty in 1965,66 & 67. I went from Schofield to Cu Chi with them. Good site!

Harry Kiley

Hey Dave, Believe it or not, you’re the 1st person I’ve talked to from HHB Div Arty also…My duties ran from motor pool to RTO to surveying to convoy support,etc… I really enjoyed hearing from you. My brother(also a VN vet) was in the 4th out of Ft. Lewis, Wash. Are you aware of any site with info? I belong to the 25th Inf Div Assoc. Tri State Chapter. I’m from the Pittsburgh, PA area. Take care… atcha later.

Martin Vipond

Hey! Enjoyed your page very much. About a year ago I flew as a cameraman in a Tripacer to video tape some home built experimentals. I was really impressed at how well the TP worked out as a photo ship. I especially enjoyed your essay on rebuilding your airplane. Thanks. mjv

Mike Bourget

Just read your storey on the Tri-pacer,, very nice,, I am currently looking to rebuild a tri-pacer that is for sale in my area (Ottawa, Canada) and was looking for some inspiration and information I’ve found it thanks!!