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Al Pristera <>

NICE SITE!!!!! It’s good to see other radar operators pictures. I was with the 9th inf radar from Feb 70 till Sept 70. when the colors were sent home. Then I was sent to the 101st. Operated pps5’s both places Imust have been south of you.My first site was the “Eagle’s Beak” area of the Song vam co Dong. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back

Skip Hahn <>
Howdy David, thank you for visiting my site so I wanted to return the visit. Very glad I did you have a well done site. You have every right to be proud of it and, keep up the good work. Will bookmark it for visits later.

Dave Blackledge <>
David, I visited your very nice site. When you get a chance, stop by Looks like you may have a story or two for us. Would also appreciate a link, and will link back to you if you’d like. Welcome Home. Dave Blackledge

Ralf Heitmann <>

Hi, just read your Honker memories, I had also 1974. Now flying all-Styro ME163 electric powered, 450 gr. ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ (Honker package)

Knights of the Ring <>
Hello and welcome to the Knights of the Ring!! We’re delighted you have joined us. Get ready for an exciting week of fun and friendship! Post a cheer to Shout It Out and be eligible for an award!! I wish you lots of success, much fun and many new friends!
Knights of 
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Mike Hester <>

I truly enjoyed your home page! I had an opportunity a few years back to purchase a TP, I wish now that I had done so. Again, nice home page and happy flying. P.S. I have been in Computer Science for 15 years and have developed a Logbook software package using Visual Basic as the engine. I’m trying to do an “informal” survey/marketing to see if there is interest among pilots for a low cost logbook package. If you have time and can reply, please let me know if this is a viable idea. I would be willing to offer 40 – 50 copies as beta test packages (free of course). Thanks again.

Tony Tonogan <>
Dave, Came back and stole some mids. Still don’t have my CuChi, TayNihn pics yet. Let you know when. Good Luck at the sitefights. Count on my vote everyday brother, just put me on your mailing list to give me the new URL every week. Hope my ad comes out, if not, please delete it. Thanks.

~*~Fairy Psyche~*~ <>

! ~ * ~ * ~ S p r i n k l e ~ * ~ * ~ !
! ~ * ~ * ~ S p r i n k l e ~ * ~ * ~ !
! ~ * ~ * ~ S p r i n k l e ~ * ~ * ~ !

Your site has just been sprinkled for spirit by Fairy Psyche from the Site Fights!
“A sprinkling of dust from me to you, to help see your site through.
Don’t forget to scream and shout, for your team…now SHOUT IT OUT!
Let Eros and I help you fight…love and soul’s all you need alright!”
Love and Luck Always!
~~Fairy Psyche

PS..Your Site looks wonderful! Where’s your spirit page! Don’t forget to show your spirit!

wen <>
WOW!!! Love the extensive midi collection. Great goin’….good luck in the Site Fights. Come visit the Shack….*smile*

Lady Kathleen <>
Hello from The King of Knights and his Lady Fair at the Enchanted Castle We were out and about by Dragon’s Wing and wondered upon thy Place and found it to be wonderful!!! The King tis busy with the Taming of Dragons and Jousting the Jousts while his Lady Fair doth prepare for the gathering of the feast!!! Come by and join in the fun within the Realm!! All travelers art welcome!!!

Lady Kathleen & Sir Dale