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Chuck Hjortness

I am a former member of the 2bn 9arty 25inf Division. I served with the initial shipment of 25th troops sent to Vietnam in December 1965/January 1966 from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Our base camp was then in Pleiku for all of the 3rd Brigade. After leaving country in January 1967, I understand that a change of command was made, and the 3rd Brigade of the 25th became part of the 4th Infantry Division sometime in 1967. All of the remaining forces of the original 25th were in Cu Chi, where the division must have remained for the duration of what I still refer to as the Vietnam War. I was hoping to find some roster information on the original members that shipped out from Hawaii to Pleiku in 1965/1966. Any help would be appreciated. Thank, Chuck Hjortness SP4 HHB 2Bn 9Arty 25th Inf. Div. Pleiku, RVN (Jan 66-Jan67)

SGT Bonds

I was in the 25th but not in Nam. The 25th is the best. Ged be with all Ex-Nam follow me out.

MSG Michael Jakubec

Its guys like you that gave me the will to serve. God bless you and your family. Jake

Amy Contino

I was just browsing through all the Vietnam websites. The current situation has piqued my interest a little as I am a member of the Air National Guard. Great job!

Frank Free

Great site. Was at Tra Cu from 5/69 to 1/70 with PBR River Division 552. I remember the 25th being there on several different occasions. Wasn’t Tra Cu a “piece of work”.

Richard DeCosta
I am currently building a Pietenpol Air Camper, but am also looking into buying a Tri-Pacer to fly until (and after) it’s done. I still dont know a lot about Tri-Pacers yet, and this site has inspired me to find out more! This is a great site!


Served attached to the 25th Infantry Div. W/ “MANCHUS” 4 th of the 9th Infantry July 1968 thru July 1969 Sgt. E-5 squad leader infantry grunt. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. I am doing quite well,I still remember those times, but not in a bad way.

Heather Brown

nice page….helped me out a lot with my history class.

Justinian Bakarus

mike smith

Great page. I was with 4/9th Inf, 25th Div from 1/69 – 1/70. Spent all my time in War Zone C. FSB Stoneman, Mole City, French Ft, Frontier City, Tay Nihn, and Nui Ba Den. May have crossed paths. We used radar at these locations. KUTF Mike

Daniel Kerley

Hi Dave, I was in Nam during 66, 67 & 68, around the Dong Ha area, a few miles south of the DMZ. I have a lot of slides of the area including Phu By, Kason, Hue and “Hill 180”. I was in the Marines and provided Radio Relay coverage out in the Jungle for Line of Sight communications. Your pictures bring back a lot memories, good and bad!!