Guestbook entries, page 30

Glen Geller

Hello, What a great collection of stories and pictures. I must commend you for your writing style, this is one of the nicest pages I’ve ever read. I am a newly minted private pilot at the tender age of 41 (got my ticket 3 days after my birthday in January) and I must say your sentiments about flying with your family for camping, adventure and closeness is shared by me. Since I live in Beaverton (Portland) Oregon, I’m still waiting for the rain to clear so I can start shopping for MY first plane– found a nice PA22-150 in Hood River that sounds like a goody! I hope you still have your TP, and continue to enjoy it for many years. Regards and Happy Landings, Glen Geller

John A (Jack)Scattergood

Hi Dave.I was with the 25th from July 64-Jan67.All of 66 was spent in the CuChi area.What a place, from a peanut field to a Fort.All is behind us now.cheers to all of the veterans of the Vietnam time.

Tim Richards

Hello Dave! My Dad just told me you had a nice website and it is! I’ve been taking classes on how to write and create web stuff and I see a lot of it here. E-mail anytime, I’m still down here in Carpinteria.

Don Sanders

I too was in Cu Chi (mostly at base camp however). I was against the war from start to finish and many good folks died I think for nothing. I got there just in time for the 68 TET and we were rocketed and/or mortared every night for the first few months. I did love Saigon though and curiously enough I work with an engineer (Vietnamese) who was only 5 years old when spirited out of country during the 1975 pullout. Love your web site.

ed cunningham

Hi, Thought I’d just jot you a quick line to complement you on your ’52 Pacer. I can remember my very first ride in a general aviation aircraft, and it was in a Tri-Pacer. I’ve been hooked ever since. It is my intention to own a Tri-Pacer someday. Economical, fun to fly, and classic in design. It will always look great. Looks like you take very good care of her. Nice web page too. Regards, EC

Chris Bennett

just dropped in for a few minutes loved your fun page.

Rick Sicilian

Hi Im’ Rick “Hunky Sicilian. I seerved with the 25th Inf. Div. 1/5 Mec Co Bobcats at Cu Chi from late Oct 68 thru Jan 69. The tour was cut short after only 3 long months in the county/ Was medevaced to Camp Drake Japan- Walter Reed Hsp Washington, D.C. then to Ft Knox Hosp. Names I can remember from our outfit 1Lt Tom Dellatore, Medic “Doc” English, SP4 Armond “Frog” Fleury, SP4 Perry Helm, PCF Bob Carrol, PFC Vito Pilla. Lost contact after being sent back to the world. Honored to have served with all oy you. Home Adress 7894 Congo Rd S.E. P.O. Box 12 Corning, Ohio 43730 E-Mail

Larry Emmons
Great page!!!! Appreciate the pics especially of the 69 Bob Hope Christmas show. I remember Connie and also Miss Minnesota. Spent most of my time at Cu Chi in the S-1 Section there. I was the one that wrote up and issued a lot of the awards that went to the brave folks in the field. Hats off to you all and God Bless. Larry Emmons Cu Chi and Bear Cat 69/70.

Coy McNiel
Your article “My Thoughts Today” were words I could never come up with. My sons, always proud of the Nam Viet Dad, always wanted to explain to their classmates, “The U.S. soldier was not the reason our goal in Vietnam wasn’t achieved”. You’ve explained it beautifully. I was very proud of all who I served with. Thanks, Coy McNiel Combat Medic 4th Infranty Division, Pleiku 69-70

John Parker

I have a buddy who I met and went through AIT with at Ft. Polk. We flew to VN together. He went to 25th, I to 9th. Never saw or heard from him again. His name isn’t on the wall, so I’m sure he returned. Anyone knowing of Lawrence Pacquette (Larry), I would appreciate a note. Haven’t been able to locate him through other avenues. Really enjoyed reading your page. Helps with some closure to an otherwise dreadful time in all our lives.