Guestbook entries, page 27

Carlos Beyersdorf

very nice… congratulations!!

Bruce Bixler

Dear Dave, I really enjoyed reading about the restoration of your 1952 Tripacer. I to own a Tripacer it’s a 1958 PA-22-150 with the same paint scheme as your’s. N8708D has given me a lot of enjoyment along with my 1941 DC-65 tandem Taylorcraft. I’m in the process of restoring a 1945 BC-12D Taylorcraft. Your’s truly’ Bruce

Chet Krone

Wonderful web-site. I have really enjoyed it. I was 25th Arty (1/8th A Btry) 69/70. I was lucky enough to get to return for a visit to the old AO in October 1998. Vietnam has really changed. Yes it was hard to decide to go, but now I feel every vet should return if you can. Thanks again for the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings.

Dennis Pickett

As a veteran of the 25th Inf. A Co 25th Aaviation Btl I wish to thank you for your web site, your notes. I also enjoy sharing the fun times and crazy things that happened.

J Martinez

It was nice to hear from another Red Leg again, specially a brother from 25th DIVARTY. From a blood brother of the HHB, 2/11 Field Artillery, 25th ID(L). Remembering the POWS from Tropic Lightining. God Bless

Chris M. < >

I do not agree with the government’s decision to send troops to Vietnam for a war that they would not commit to. However, you were a soldier and you have the thanks of another American for serving us.

Jim Claeys

Very nice page! I was in Pleiku-An Khe in 1969-70; extended for an early out and they added an extra 30 day drop just before X-mas 1970. WANTED: Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, cockpit tapes, AFVN, etc. Also Vietnam home movies on video. Have MUCH of same to trade. Thank you.

Tung Tran

Best wishes to you. God Bless, tt

Archie Woodworth

Dave, nice job on your homepage! Arch

James Churchill

I found your site while messing around in Secrets of War. I am currently a ground radar surveillence operator (scope dope) and we currently employ the AN/TPS-43 and -75. Whenever I tell anyone (including other military personnel) what I do, they either shrug their shoulders or ask if I’m in AWACS, it’s refreshing to actually see that our career field has a history.