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Enjoyed your page. We have a couple of things in common. I flew Air Force rescue choppers in VN, 67-68. I also own a 57 Tripacer which I really enjoy. (N7035D)

Frank M Cromie
I served with an artillery unit in Bamberg,Germany.I went to nam,and was assigned to the 25th in Chu-Chi with the 8th art.I became an artillery FO for the wolfhounds,C-CO 2/27.Then I went to fort sill as an instructor.

ken berdine

enjoyed article immensley, i too helped rebuild a wrecked 51 tripacer, whichinspired me to get privot lic. then went out and bought nice 56 model with only 1800 hr tt, it too was red and white 7021B. regretfully isold her a couple of years ago, but have my eye on one thats been sitting afew years and need an engine/prop. it has mounts for 0320. any prospects?

Michael R. Swan II 1989-91/92 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, KS Checkin’ history. Love to here from someone I know1


i am proud for you GRUNT you have serve the vietnamese and the world very honourable thankyou!! nice homepage. me back

Eddy Parris
Im just writing to say how amazing your site is, it is made for reading real life experiences of people from Vietnam. I am only 16 and I think you have big b**ls to have gone out there! errrr…. ok Bye

Donald J. Diebold

I’ll try to send you some VN pics after Christmas.

Sunil Nazareth

Great reading..I relly enjoyed it..glad you came back in one piece.. Bye Sunil

Mike Paquet
None (not yet anyway)!!
Dave, Enjoyed the tour, quite some page you have there. And a beautiful bird !! May she fly forever !!

Don Reynolds

Hello, Your page brings back some memories. I was with the 3\4 Cav and spent several months at a firebase in Go do hau (sp?) during the rainy season in 69. It was about a mile on the Cu Chi side of Go do hau (gdh), and had a cemetery next to it. Don’t think it was the one you were at however, as there were no hooches. Sometimes there would be some artillery there–I recall some 155’s with “The Dodge Boys” painted on the barrel. Used to pull guard duty at the bridge in gdh and visit with some navy that stayed on some barges near the bridge. Also, if my recollection is correct, was at fsb Crook briefly on a couple of occasions. Didn’t find the weather there unusual, as I’m from southeast Texas. Enjoyed your site. dr