Guestbook entries, page 2

Randy K. <>
Wow! What a site. I came here to check out your Vietnam goodies, but I see you have a whole bunch more to offer! I guess there is life beyond Vietnam and we were not all the bunch of “burn outs” that the press would like the world to believe! I will be back again to check out the rest. Nice job! Randy K.

Mike W. Wilkins <>
I love your music selection, if only more were like this one! I would like to see Dream Weaver on here too, or Drift Away but I do like this site. I have BOOKMARKED it so I can keep returning.

Greg B. <>

Just surfed on in while looking for airplane pictures. What a pleasant surprise to find such a diverse site! I really enjoyed your pages Dave (and your midi music, too).

Mike Byrne <>

Dave, I’m John’s older, wiser, handsomer and more modest brother. John said he would try to load a printer file here for my daughter’s MAC. Am still trying to find out which version of OS is on her cmptr. I’ll check back again tomorrow.

Bill Bussel <>

new visitor.

Noel Anderson Colt N5856Z <>

Dave; Where did you get the “counter” for your Web page?

Thomas Smith <>

Nice site! Nice diversity! I, too, will “bookmark” it and return many times. I’m also a Viet Vet who worked in the same AO as you as well as supporting the 25th Infantry. We were an artillery battery working primarily out of FSB Rawlings at the foot of the “Black Virgin” mountain.

VicB <>

my favorite site,thanks i really enjoy it.will pass on your location to other vets.really brought back old times.

Bill Westerman <>

Very nicely done site! I was surfing for some F-86 photos and found just what I was looking for at your site. Also, I see you’re a radio control buff – great looking models. And your travel page – man, you travel a lot!

Gene’o <>
Dave: Nice page bro….Welcome home..!!!! I have some bros what were 25th grunt’s. I will pass on this site mabey you know them…gene’o