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Tony Poole
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I was on Nui Ba Den for 2 1/2 years with the 5th special forces. I also went to Cu chi on occassion. The ‘Black Virgin’ Mountain [Nui Ba Den] as we called her definitely had communications set-up for many field units. I believe the Big Red1 as well as the 25th Inf were up there for most of the time. The unit was designated as Nui Ba Den Provisional Co. and was resupplied out of Tay Ninh base camp. Do you know if anyone is interested in making a return trip to RVN? I am looking to retire in early 2000 and plan on going to the Olympics in Australia and might try to get to Vietnam if possible. Your home page brought back memories, some funny and others not so funny.

Mike Dolan

Great job! E Co. 1/7 Cav 6/68 – 6/69

SP/5 Gary J. Glenn

Same!same, except for the fact that I went to Tay Ninh (Rocket City) 65th Combat Engineers, Alpha Co. 1st. Platoon May 69-April 1970. Welcome Home! -Gary

rick janecka

vietnam veteran-1st Cav Div Sep69-Sep70

Raymond Atkinson (Mondo)
Hi I found this site on Dave Blackledges Nam tales page (u have a story there called Frog)

Dave Nelson
I was with the 3/4 Cav in July 68 to 69. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they brought back memories of the places that I had been. Welcome Home!

Robert Murray

25th infitry division. April 1966 to April 1967. A-Trp. 3rd Squadron/4th Cavalry. Duty: machine gunner, A. P. C. Track 31 with SSG. James E. Joslyn, track commander and driver SP4 Kenneth E. Shrum. Both KIA 15 October, 1966.

Fred B. James

Our military careers seem to parallel in time. I served with 8th BN 4th FA based at Dong Ha, RVN. 8″ & 175MM guns (SP) 3 March 69 thru April 70. Even though I joined as regular Army under duress I still got an “early out” after serving 20 months. Nice site. Best regards.

Che Arbizu

Nice set up. It’s great to have some real pictures other than gore. And, a good commentary. Good therapy as well I assume.

William L.Wilson
Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. We must never forget. Was at CU CHI Dec. 68/69. Co. B 1/5 mech.”BOBCATS”


just surfed on

Dave Johnson
Chad @PennCom

Had a friend in 25th, died May 70 in Cambodia; just browsing the Net looking for pertinent info.