Guestbook entries, page 16

Myron Netterlund

Came here looking at the 3kW generator you used in Nam. A saturday randem stroll.

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SERVED WITH HHQ 4/23(M) for 2 1/2 months.Track ran over a mine,spent 30 days resting before transfering to A co. 25th avn. bn.Was there for tet 68.

Damian Bliss

I just wanted to say that I like your site, and that I enjoyed browsing through it. I feel that it is very well constructed, and deeply interesting.

” C ” Company 125 Signal Bn. Nov 1967 to Mar 1968

Mrs. Dyer’s Literature Class

We really enjoyed your frog/rat story. It is an excellent example of a personal narrative and we found it simply smashing!!

Dr. Wayne L. Threlkeld

Provided to me both fond and painful memories…Well done…and thanks!

Mike Gottschalk

Nice to see your page! I went through FT Sill too. Was on San Juan Hill I Corp. 105’s 11/69-10/70. Good luck An keep your powder dry an your _____ Hard an the world will turn. The rest is gravy! Keep up the good work bro.

Ned Seachrist

Enjoy your pages. Looks like you spent more than an hour putting them together. I was with the 25th Div. 4th of the 23rd and spent time in Tay Ninh and Chu Chi. Good Job on the pages and in Nam.

Ted Swanson

Love what you did. Was looking for photographs of Ground Surveillance Radar equipment. Currently a radar operator myself. Been with 25th ID in Hawaii, 4th ID in Carson, and 2 ID in Korea. Would love to hear about the radar and how it compares to todays PPS-5B GSR

Howard L. Short

Was Not With 25th, Knew A Few That Were, We Hauled Ammo, And Gun Tubes To Cu Chi, And Tay Ninh Just To Name A Few…. Now Serving A Different CO Thru Pointman Ministries——- Was In Country With 178th Engr. Co. Out Of Long Binh 66-67 Nice Page God Bless…..H.