Guestbook entries, page 13

Greg Bahr

The Bob Hope Christmas Show 12/69, I was there, have some of the same photos, brings back memories. Greg Bahr, Cu Chi, Vietnam, Sep 69 Sep 70.


I am glad you have started this site. I was in the 4/23, 25th Inf. Div. from 1966-1967. I saw a lot of my best friends go down and I haven’t been able to forget them. We did not have to loose them. I would have rather not come back without them. But I came back with them in my heart and mind. I lost my squad leader. His name was SSG. Robert and he was a good man and did not have to be there. He only had 2 days left and then he was going to go home and be with his wife and kids. I’d like to tell more but I am having a hard time trying to write this, so will try later, OK? Keep up the good work. We need more like you. God be with you. G.W.

Tom Higgins

Really great web site, Dave! Easy to navigate and very enjoyable. Keep up the good work. Regards, Tom

Ralph Dettwiler
Nice page. Keep up the good work.

Jim Chancellor
I flew with the 119th.AHC in the central highlands in 1969-70. Keep up the good work and ALWAYS remain strong to your convictions…jim

Amador Gutierrez (Sgt. George)

great work on your page somebody needs to keep this alive. I sent 26 months and got an early out by 149 days. Keep up the good work.

Kelechi C Anyanwu

Thank you dave for sharing you experience with me . I hope you had fun . Thank you for fighting for our country . GOODBYE

Walter WC Martin
Dave, from time to time our paths must have crossed in and around Tay Ninh provence. I was stationed with the 3/13 field arty. 155 mm sp’s. We spent a good deal of time “Fire Balling ” around the country side, and on occasion we would be visited by a small group of guys in a duce and a half shop van kind of thing. They would set up their operation on our defensive line, open the back of the truck and glue themselfs to a TV screen when a “flare” would appear on the screen they would mark it on the crt tube call in the grids and all hell would shortly there after take place. Thanks Dave! you guys saved our asses more then once!WC

jay smith
Hi, enjoyed your site. I have an Australian friend who has an english Archeology professor interested in lost temples in Vietnam. I am trying to help them find sources of aerial photos that could be useful. They have a new technique to scan and ID such structures. Any ideas on sources of photos? thanks, Jay Smith

Steve Aldridge

The PA-12 Super Cruiser brings back memories of many hours of flying with friend of family – I was about 8-10 years old. He went on buying trips around West Texas and New Mexico. Plane was same color – red & cream. The seats were leather. Helped create a life long interest in aviation. Saw your Sabre – planning to model F-86F (R/C scale)- Trying to locate photos/images of Thunderbirds paint & markings. Know where might be available? Steve