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jonathan paul hix

I appreciate your web page. It’s good that there are people out there able to talk about this war. Thanks to you some people have a better idea of the horrific experiences of war and maybe we can learn from our past mistakes. My grandfather served 3 tours in vietnam but it was so horrifying that he can’t talk about and still hac nightmares from all he has seen. I am thankful for your bravery in the war effort. Your website has helped me with my project in english. I am a Junior in high school at Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina. I will be sure to make great mention of you and your website tomorrow in my presentation. thank you and God bless you.

Bob Cawley

You have a great site. Hard to type with tears in my eyes. I know Go Dau Ha well. I was with an 8″er set up outside the main gate in Sept 68. I recently lost a very good friend, Jerry White who was Navy, stationed there in 69. I wish I could have shared your pic’s with him. After we left Go Dau Ha, We set up a firebase at Trang Bang with all 4 of our guns. I never have any regrets about being there, but it is amazing how vivid the memories still are. Thanks for a really great site. Bob Cawley D Batty 3/13 Arty, 25th Inf Div

Steve Johnson

I was there from May 68 until July 69 in a 105 Artillery Battery. I was in 2nd/77th 25th Infantry Division. If you ever run across anyone else that was in that unit, please send me a e-mail. We were always located around the Cu Chi area most of the time. Thank You


good stuff.any vetrans please write as i am writing my own book on the war.LIFE AFTER NAM thank u

russ barrow(cowboy)

howdy I was looking through the net trying to find out some info and came across ur site. I was also a 17b20 and an sro-from 73-76. Like you I was trained in ft sill and half my class were marines—I served with the ninth inf div 2/4 fa and 1st ad 2/78 fa. Mostly I was on the q-4 doing registrations-adjustments-fire missions-though sometimes i worked the czech border with the tps(can’t recall the number)anti personel—we often also ran our missions and shifts with one operator–and we did operate mostly independent of others-just thought it was cool to find someone who served in vietnam with combat radars-though obviously I served with radar vn vets during my tour.M dad and brother served in vn-one inf and the other an engineer-take care

Michael K. Mahaney

US Navy…Iran Hostage Crisis. Lost buddies on helo crash. Found your site on this 25th Anniversary of Nam end. Had several relatives and friends who served in country. Don’t particularly agree with the history of it all but…thank you.

Anjali Singh

i wanted to thank you for the information about the vietnam war. as so many others i was really haunted by that little girl’s picture thanks to you that i know now that she is alive and well. bye Anjali Singh

Dennis Brodkin

I enjoyed reading your material. I was with the 2/35 Arty,54FA Group in III Corps from1/69-1/70. Our 155mm howitzer battery was attached to the 25th on numerous operations. Much of your recollections rang true; it is hard to forget those “trivial” day to day events which shaped our Vietnam experience-malaria pills, burning excrement,fresh air showers, MPC, tropical chocolate bars, and the ubiquitous HUEY.Good job.

SSG James T. Bright Jr. USAR (ret)

I still have a policy of not talking about viet-nam except to other brothers and sisters that were there. I decided long ago to quit trying to educate the stupid people of the world. In the past, when I tried to tell them the truth of Viet-nam, they prefered the doctored version. In one case, I showed the guy the real stats on draftees and volenteers in the nam vs WW II. He would not believe them. I was in the class of ’67. I finally had resolution about 4 years ago. And life goes on. Jim Bright