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George M. Norton

You ought to print the V speeds.
Web owner’s note: I’ll add a V-speed chart for the Tri-pacer in a few days. Thanks for the idea!

Edward Stapleton

Dave, I really enjoyed your photos. I served in the 25th Infantry Div. from 9/68-9/69 and was in CuChi, Dau Tiang, Tay Nihn and Go Dau Ha. I was a medic for the 65th Engineer Battalion while they repaired the Go Dau Ha bridge. I spent Christmas 1968 in Go Dau Ha. At the final phase of the bridge repair they dropped the new bridge in the water. The Lt. who supervised the operation was screwed big time! Thanks for memories. Ed

Dean Davidson

Dave, Thanx for sharing your experiences in Viet Nam. I am at work and found your site by accident, but, found that I could not stop reading the journal after I started. Interesting stuff. I’m glad you made it back. I got chills hearing about your replacement. Two questions (you don’t have to reply, I’m just curious) : Are you still married to the same woman and do you stay in touch with the best friend?

Patrick Rigole

God bless and thank you to all who served and died in Vietnam.

Susan Thomas

Dear Mr. Stafford, Could you please tell me if your Section Chief, named Dale, who you have a photograph of – if his last name was Johnson, and if he was from Benton Harbor, MI. I am searching for my biological father, and I have narrowed it down to a Dale Johnson, who served in the 25th Infantry Division and was killed in June of 1969. Thank you.

Larry Woronoff

J. L. Smith

I was in nam 1967 & 68 Was with the 3/13 Arty 25th Inf. I was on an M88 VTR Willnever forget New years eve at FSB Burt

Jack Coomer
Your very attractive and informative URL is much appreciated. Mine is also about Vietnam but has a somewhat different flavour to yours. We used a USAF bomb aiming radar system for aircraft; targets we never saw, often had no idea of what thay were and how often we missed. You see very little at night from 30k feet.

Terry Wallace

I served with A Battery 2nd/17th artillery Ankhe Vietnam from Jan 68-Dec 68.Our battery was located beside highway 19 at LZ Action. For a short period of time a counter motar radar unit was stationed with us but I don’t reminber their unit.We sure were gald to have then with us it made a big difference. I think you have a neat web site.Keep up the good work. Take care Terry