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I found your sight because I was searching for information on the Lancair iv. The pictures are great. I’ve been interested in the IV for a few years now. Is this your airplane or did you just go up for a ride in one? I would really love to be able to to this airplane in person and would gladly pay to go for a ride. If this is at all possible please call me at (714)738-1383 ext 2244 or e-mail me. If not the pictures were great anyway. thanks Paul

J See

Nice Web site. You’ve put tons of work into this! A co-worker is working up our business web site. Much more work involved than most people realize. Glad to see you’ve been a survivor. Didn’t have any brothers (I’m 46) otherwise they probably would’ve been there too. Saw the replica of the Wall in Spokane, Wa. about a year ago. Certainly makes one pause. Best to you and your family! J

Joseph Donnelly

I was with the 9th inf. division in 1970. I enjoyed reading of you experiences. I spent some time at Tra Cu. We had ground radar assigned to us on occaison when we worked out of FSB Gettysburgh on the Plain of Reeds. I recall an inncedent when we had a small mobile ground radar and its opperator with us on patrol, we had a contact and the radar dish took two bullets and was wrecked. Your a good writer ever think of a book ?

Greg Jarvis

I realy enjoyed your site. Good work I was with 173 Airborne 70-71 That was some place wasen’t it?

I am really impressed with your site. Great reading and great pics. Thanks for your service! I bookmarked your site and will also pass it on to others I know will enjoy it.

Klaus Kaiser

Just one big hello from Brazil to all Vietnam Veterans! Klaus

Marcia Roshon

It’s nice to see this type of information. My oldest brother was in nam for a year. Actually, I’m trying to help my nephew find information on gorilla warfare/vietcong for a paper he is writing for school. Hope you are doing well.

Clay Sevier

Dave, Thanks for showing the photo of the Piper Super Cruiser. I’m restoring an old RC Super Cruiser and have been looking for photos showing the original paint scheme. Your photo shows me what I need to know. I was even thrilled more to see your RC background, Aviation background and also helicopter interest. I work in the helicopter industry. Many Thanks for sharing a real cool site. Clay Sevier

howard m flath
bismarck n.d.

thanks guys

steve milbocker

I ejoyed your page. Back in the early 50s my grandpa had a small Piper dealership in our home town of Allegan Mi. 35d. He owned several Tripacers over the years, and instilled in me a love for flying at a very young age. I finally became a private pilot in 1991. After renting Cessna’s and Pipers for a few years I switched to ultralights and now fly a Flightstar II off of our farm. The kids and I enjoy the Flightstar but the Tripacer has a special place in my heart. I hope someday I could afford to own one or maybe a J3. thankyou again for the page. Steve

Mike Check “Mikey”

I got a wakeup in aug 66 nam in 67-68 Qui Nhon 86th Maint Bn Ill always remember the people and the places