Guestbook entries, page 21

Wm. Dale Horton

Enjoyed seeing your pages. Worked out of Tay Ninh, Dau Tiang, Katum and Tinh Ngon in ’70 w/ !st Wolfhounds as 91 Bravo. Have to go to work will check in later.

John “Doc” Baker
I enjoyed your site very much. I was with Fox Co. 2nd Bn. 7th Marines from March-Aug.21,1968 when wounded. I was a corpsman and also very proud to have served. I’m looking for anyone who knew my Step-brother, Mark W. Bacher KIA 5-18-70. He was in the 25th Infantry at Tay Ninh. Thanks for a great page. Semper Fi- Doc Baker



I’m 27, and can’t even begin to relate to everything you went through. I’ve never really seen war. I was born in 1971. No one in my family ever went to war – my father finished the AirForce just before Vietnam began. I just wanted you to know that even people my age appreciate everything that you did for our country, and that your efforts will never be forgotten.

Michael Tracy, C.R.N.A.

Hiya Dave; R-E-A-L-L-Y enjoyed your page! I’m also a vet (’69), and a pilot, father was an air force pilot who brought his work home! We owned a T-6 and a C-45-H! Learned to fly’em both (legally at 16)! Heheheheh Love your Tri-Pacer! She looks like a product of many years of TLC! Thanks for the great shots Sincerely; Michael T. 🙂 PS: Happy Veterans Day! . . . glad we made it.

Jahn T.

While looking around for info on GSR’s,I stumbled upon your page. I’m in the national guard and work with the new radars for a mech. Inf. brigade. Its not often our MOS gets any recognition and was nice reading the tales of one who has gone before me. Thanks…(p.s.-Was the MOS designation back in the 60’s 96-romeo like it is today?)

Jerry Cunningham

Great story on the Tripacer!

Jim Ninos

25 inf.Div 2 or the 34th

thomas trodglen

I am a student at Murray State University. I have recently decided to attempt to have a book published containing Vietnam veterans recollections. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share some of these with me or allow me to use some of them off of your web page. Sincerely, Thomas Trodglen

nicole mowbray
I really liked your site, and am wondering if anyone can help me. I am a third year journalism student at university in England. My name is Nicole and I am 20 years old. I am about to start my third year dissertation on the effect photojournalism had on the Vietnam war, and ending it. I wonder if you would be available to help by answering some questions for me? My e-mail address is, please, please answer if you can. Thanks a lot, Nicole…


Enjoyed your page. We have a couple of things in common. I flew Air Force rescue choppers in VN, 67-68. I also own a 57 Tripacer which I really enjoy. (N7035D)