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Jeff Crowley
Really good, I enjoyed it.


Welcome home! 1st. Cav 67-68

John Bard

Was in Nam from 68-69. With the 1st Infantry div. Home base Dian. Our NDP was not to far from 25th Div.

Nate Klenke

It’s great to find some other people that are excited about the PA-22. I am a new pilot and think the Pacers, Tri-pacers and Colts are one of avations classic airframes of general aviation. I am glad there are others out there I can learn more about the PA-22 from. Thanks, Nate Klenke

Don Sanders

I too was in Cu Chi, got there in Feb 1968 just in time for TET. I thought the whole damn war was stupid and a lot of people got killed for no good reason. Even though I was young (20), it caused me to forever suspect the government no matter what it says. I am not bitter, just cautious. I saw the Bob Hope show in 1968 and was very disappointed in the obvious ‘ego’ trip it was for him (Ann-Margaret looked really nice tho). By the time his crew had set up the Kleig lights with all the scaffolds, it blocked the view of about 500 guys… I guess I might have been luckier than you in that we rarely left base camp. I was in Fire and Direction Control and was able to volunteer to drive convoys going to Bien Hoa (thus allowing us to stay in Saigon, which I fell in love with). I too was in Ft. Sill, and really enjoyed the stay there (if you had to be in the Army, it was not that bad). Took my wife there several years ago and did you know that all the gates that had guards are now gone? You can just drive right on in now (and all the bars in Lawton have been closed and replaced with regular type businesses. Enjoyed reading about your experiences Don.

John Youngquist

I enjoyed reading your materials. I served with 4/23 ed from 6/69 to 6/70

Robert J. Webb

Just a note: I was with B troop 3rd squadron 4th Cav, from 1/1/69 to 1/1/70. We worked alot out of Fire Support Base Hampton if you know where that was. It was as you have remarked a very enlightening experience. I currently reside in Iowa and I’m a Sgt. of detectives for our local police department. If you get a chance drop a line. You can also leave me a message at Respectfully Robert J. webb

John Pearson
jpearson@cal…well you know the rest

Dave your getting the JP Web Award for the most creative web page for the whole family created by a Tech. dude. I will mail you the award when I learn how to create one and mail it. May be you can show me how JP

Marlene Toma

I came here for some info on life during the Vietnam war, for a school project. Your site had a lot of good things to tell about but I was looking more for the life of the people who lived in Nam. thanx- marlene toma



Larry Raether, E-5 3860 Greenhill Rd. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

I was in Charlie Co,2nd/12th Inf,25th Inf. in 68-69. Base camp was Dau Tieng when we were there. I extended for the 30 days to get out early and the day I could of been home our base camp was rocketed and sappers came thru the wire–was out of the field then and thought I was pretty safe–bad decision at the time, but made it home safe and sound.