I offer the following personal narratives about my experiences in the U.S. Army to those who are interested in the Vietnam era. From time to time I add to the narratives but I imagine they will never be complete. I have made every effort to keep my writings factual, but please keep in mind that is has been over 49 years since I was drafted and over 46 years since I returned home from Vietnam.

Many things still stand out vividly in my mind while other details have faded. Included with my narratives are some pictures that I took in and around various duty assignments, including Vietnam. If you should find something on my website that you believe to be inaccurate or incomplete, please send me an e-mail with appropriate details and any supporting reference material.

In reading my website you will find that my primary goal is to relate what’s it’s like to be a student one day and a soldier the next, soon to be shipped to foreign and sometimes unfriendly lands. Such an adventure evokes many feelings; a sense of adventure, friendship, loneliness, fear, apprehension and even a little optimism to carry one through tough times.

If I could sum up all of my experiences in the U.S. Army in just a few words, it would simply state that I came away with a genuine appreciation for our freedoms and what it continually costs to protect them. I hope that thought is contagious.

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