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Cara Hobbs

I am a 17 year old step daughter of a vetenam veteran named Joe Reames. I am doing a reasearch paper about the psychological effects of the war on the veterans. I chose this topic to help me in better understanding my stepfather as well as others. I have also always been sort of interested in the whole deal and what it was like. This web page has helped me a great deal and I want to give all my respect and gratitude to all of the vietnam veterans for putting their lives on the line so that I can have the life I do today.:) Sincerey, Cara Hobbs

Maxwell Joy
Very nice site. I was at Chu Chi 1968 to 69. A co. little bears 25th


I am bulding my website to showcase my RVN pacth collection, host a page for the local VVA 416 Chapter, plus my own stuff.. I am an associate member of the VVA, not a vet (too young) but grew up on military bases… have worked w/ RVN vets as medic and cops for may years…. I have a patch for 3/4 Cav, 25th MI Co. I am looking for info on… can you E-Mail me so we can exchange so info???? Welcome Home! LT


Cool site! Thanks!

Andrew Groeneveldt

Nice. I’ve also gone through the joy of rebuilding a Tri-pacer. 1954 PA-22-135 #2049 They sure are cute aren’t they?

A1C David Maloney

You certainly have a beautiful little aircraft there, sir. I am a student pilot and there are quite a few Tri-Pacers and Colts at the field I fly from but, none in the kind of condition yours is in. I have always thought them to be neat looking airplanes. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

Jessie Smith

Great Page. I was looking for info on the 25th infantry division and i stumbled across your page. My teacher Mike Coney was in the 25th infantry division. I like your page very much thanks for making it.

Robert Romero

Very nice web page and great photo’s. I was with C Co 1/27th Inf WOLFHOUNDS, from 70-71.

Ernie Dockery

I was with co. C 75th LRRP Rangers. I spent about 3 months with the 25th in 68 as a shooter. Welcome Home.

Kelly & Nancy Walter

Thanks for the great photos! We lived in the 5 Cities for 6 years and it’s nice to touch base with a SLO person. We’ve been following Lancair since their Santa Rosa days, but haven’t bought one yet! Thanks again…. Kelly and Nancy