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Guest Book Entries

George "Gunny" Fallon

David my Brother, I've just made the rounds and your page is still one of the best on the web. Matter of fact I've been stealing your midi's two at a time :) And then there's your Vietnam page... Every time I see it it does something for me. In fact, your Vietnam page is what inspired me to do my Vietnam Experience page. And I thank you again for the use of your photos there. Well Brother, keep up the great work, Gunny

Tony Tonogan

Dave, Thanks for visiting my site and signing my guestbook. I'm glad you did, never would have known about your Excellent site, beyond impressive. There is no room for improvement. I didn't have time to visit in one setting. Will have to come back. Your midi collection is awesome. I see by your resume where you got all the hits, and ability to do all of it. Congratulations on an awesome site. You ought to do a mirror site in Pentagon at Geocities, I can almost guarantee more recognition that you can imagine. Although you're doing quite well where you are. I know all about the Tipsy-25, your outfit supported my Artillery Battalion at CuChi and probably TayNihn. 7/11thFA, OnTime,OnTarget. I was in Recon with C, 4/9th Manchus, but assigned to C,7/11FA.as FO. You must have missed that page. Keep in touch brother.

Michael W. Wilkins

I think this is the best site I've seen yet. Good music, pictures, and nice graphics. Plus it isn't hard to read. I have been surfing the net for two years. thanks, David Stafford for the E-Mail you didn't have to mike

Dan Schave

Really enjoyed surfing your site. You have done great things with frames.

Dale DeBord, Sgt USMC 1968-71; Gunner HMM-262 Flying Tigers, RVN 1970-71

Thanks for visiting our Website and signing our Guestbook, Dave.
Your guests are invited to visit Dale and Mary's Very Personal Home Page dedicated to America's Prisoners of War-Missing in Action, Veterans, HMM-262/Vietnam Flying Tigers, Missing Children, Motorcyling, Music, our Dogs, our Friends and Family, and our Son and His Art.


Hi Dave the place is looking good been here a hour listening to your selection of midi's nice collection. I can remember seeing all this on your "Dave's Realm" page before. The frames really set it off good job stay in touch Willy

David T Smith

Spent some time On top of Nui Ba Den as well as close to your location. The top of the mountain at the time I was there was controled by the 5th Special Fources, although I heard they were wiped out about 2 weeks after I left there. I hevv similar pictures as the ones you have of the Black Virgen Mountain. as it was called when I was there. Stars and Stripes notes a visit by Martha Ray also at the time I was there and was lifted off of the mountain supposedly because we were under heavy attack. More info needed more info given.

Ralph Troklus


Dave; Glad to see another S.L.O. county pa22 on the SWPC e-mail.
ai own a pa22/20 and keep it at PRB. e-mail me sometime.

B ch Trinh

I came from Vietname since 1975. I was a small child then; there are not many things I remembered much about Vietnam. The only memories I remembered the most are the images of the American soldiers carried me and others to transfer from a canoe to a US Navy cargo ship; and those who helped us to come here to America to have a life of freedom. Thank you.

John S. Darlington

Dave.. Excellent site!! I'm going to spend a few hours of recon here! I'll add a link to the site from mine. Take care and welcome home John (former Navy scope dope!)