Guestbook entries, page 3

George “Gunny” Fallon <>
David my Brother, I’ve just made the rounds and your page is still one of the best on the web. Matter of fact I’ve been stealing your midi’s two at a time 🙂 And then there’s your Vietnam page… Every time I see it it does something for me. In fact, your Vietnam page is what inspired me to do my Vietnam Experience page. And I thank you again for the use of your photos there. Well Brother, keep up the great work, Gunny

Tony Tonogan <>
Dave, Thanks for visiting my site and signing my guestbook. I’m glad you did, never would have known about your Excellent site, beyond impressive. There is no room for improvement. I didn’t have time to visit in one setting. Will have to come back. Your midi collection is awesome. I see by your resume where you got all the hits, and ability to do all of it. Congratulations on an awesome site. You ought to do a mirror site in Pentagon at Geocities, I can almost guarantee more recognition that you can imagine. Although you’re doing quite well where you are. I know all about the Tipsy-25, your outfit supported my Artillery Battalion at CuChi and probably TayNihn. 7/11thFA, OnTime,OnTarget. I was in Recon with C, 4/9th Manchus, but assigned to C,7/ FO. You must have missed that page. Keep in touch brother.

Michael W. Wilkins <>
I think this is the best site I’ve seen yet. Good music, pictures, and nice graphics. Plus it isn’t hard to read. I have been surfing the net for two years. thanks, David Stafford<> for the E-Mail you didn’t have to mike

Dan Schave <>
Really enjoyed surfing your site. You have done great things with frames.

Dale DeBord, Sgt USMC 1968-71; Gunner HMM-262 Flying Tigers, RVN 1970-71 <>
Thanks for visiting our Website and signing our Guestbook, Dave. Your guests are invited to visit Dale and Mary’s Very Personal Home Page dedicated to America’s Prisoners of War-Missing in Action, Veterans, HMM-262/Vietnam Flying Tigers, Missing Children, Motorcyling, Music, our Dogs, our Friends and Family, and our Son and His Art.

Willy <>
Hi Dave the place is looking good been here a hour listening to your selection of midi’s nice collection. I can remember seeing all this on your “Dave’s Realm” page before. The frames really set it off good job stay in touch Willy

David T Smith <>
Spent some time On top of Nui Ba Den as well as close to your location. The top of the mountain at the time I was there was controled by the 5th Special Fources, although I heard they were wiped out about 2 weeks after I left there. I hevv similar pictures as the ones you have of the Black Virgen Mountain. as it was called when I was there. Stars and Stripes notes a visit by Martha Ray also at the time I was there and was lifted off of the mountain supposedly because we were under heavy attack. More info needed more info given.

Ralph Troklus <>

Dave; Glad to see another S.L.O. county pa22 on the SWPC e-mail. ai own a pa22/20 and keep it at PRB. e-mail me sometime.

B ch Trinh <>
I came from Vietname since 1975. I was a small child then; there are not many things I remembered much about Vietnam. The only memories I remembered the most are the images of the American soldiers carried me and others to transfer from a canoe to a US Navy cargo ship; and those who helped us to come here to America to have a life of freedom. Thank you.

John S. Darlington <>
Dave.. Excellent site!! I’m going to spend a few hours of recon here! I’ll add a link to the site from mine. Take care and welcome home John (former Navy scope dope!)