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I have the greatest respect for all my fellow-men from the V/N era; anyone who didn’t live thru that period can not understand what it was like.

J Severs

Surprizingly how long ago that was and yet the smells can be remembered to this day.

John C. Neill

Headquarters Battery, 8th/Field support for 27th Wolfhounds. In to Thailand and a few of us to Laos, ’61 to ’62…probably the first from the 25th into SE Asia. Lots of memories.


I was scanning channels a few weeks ago and Platoon was on tbs. I remember when it came out, I was 18. I was interested in it back then, but had other things on my mind probably, like shopping. While, I did serve 6 years in the Navy I was in communications working in air conditioned buildings so never could really understand what it would have been like in Vietnam. Anyway, sights like this are really helping me learn as I suddenly want to know more about everything about Vietnam. Thank you.


Maybe one of the vets out there can share a few things. One question? Do you ever really sleep? Did you feel like zombies or do you get used to always being on guard? When you came home did you just collapse not having to look over your shoulder?

Beverly Tremblay

I enjoyed viewing and reading your scrapbook. I checked it out because my 10 year old daughter is doing a social studies fair project on the Vietnam War. I found your page very interesting and got some good info for her. Thank You

Morris Miller
I’m enjoying your scrapbook Dave. Thanks for sharing it with the World! If you ever fly your Tri-Pacer to Tulsa look us know. The biggest mistake we ever made was selling ours.

Donald J. Diebold
Thought it was about time I signed your guest book. I’ve been checking in once in awhile for the past few years. Your site has really grown and your articles appear all over the place. Keep up the good work and stay well. Don

SSG McCullough

Judy Martin

I am about to marry the love of my life, after a separation of 31 years. He was 25th Artillary 1969-1970. Only recently found out he was awarded the Bronze Star! God bless each and everyone of you. Judy Martin Soon to be (April 14, 2001) Mrs. “Sgt. Doug” Platt…a man worth waiting for.