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Barb Spado

Today is Feb 17, 2000 on the 19 th my husband Joe Spado will have been home from Viet Nam 30 years. He was a sargeant in the 2nd of the 22nd in the 25th Infantry, Tropic lightning. I’m glad he made it home. For those who didn’t we mourn.

edward m. gietka jr

Bob Brown
Thanks for sharing. And outstanding site. Come visit if you get the chance. Bob

Brenda Horocks

I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into creating this website. I am a senior at Western Michigan University, studying Elementary Education. I printed your entire website, including pictures to use as a resource for a research project I am doing on the Vietnam War era. I think it’s so important for educators to make an impact using personal information such as your story to help learners really understand the history on a personal level. I feel that by using your story/website in my lesson plans when teaching on Vietnam the students will be more interested and will be able to recall dates and events with much more respect. Your help has been greatly appreciated by me! Brenda

Myron Williams

Hello to all members of the 25th Inf Division. especially to the “White Warriors” 2/12 Inf. dau Tieng. Aug 67—-Nov 67, wounded Nov, 67 Loc Ninh

Carlos Alberto Villalobos Rodr guez
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Eli Rohl

Currently giving instruction to a gentleman in a 1953 PA22-135. We are looking for performace data and weight and balance information.

Jeremy Nelson

My father (Gary) was also in the 25th Infantry division in Vietnam. Some of the places you have mentioned are familiar to me because my father has told me about some of them. My father was at that base camp at the foot of Nui Ba Den. He has shown me pictures of these places. He was over there in 68 and 69. I just thought I would write this to tell you how proud I am of my father and others like yourself. You are all heroes to me. Thank you for my freedom.

Kenneth Smith

VTR operator with HHB 3/13 F.A. 1970-71

Hope Mueller

Thank you for sharing your memoirs. I am only 19 years old and have not experienced anything like Vietnam. Hopefully I never will.