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Carl Johnson

Very good site. I am a former Marine, that never served in Vietnam. I just like reading about the war, Way to go. You represent the war the best I have seen yet. Congrats, and may you triumph over any of lifes abstacles, you have so far. Carl

Steve Driscoll

Dave…I enjoyed reading your reflections on Vietnam as a soldier. It kinda helped to lighten the mood seeing that I have been checking out various Vietnam websites since Monday evening because I am very interested in this particular war. I find it amazing that anyone came back based on some of the comments from soldiers who were writing to their parents. Some of these letters are extremely sad…But in reality, it’s the horrors of war…thanks for bringing some common sense to it all..if that’s possible. But I must say thanks for what you did..I’m glad someone can look back on your Vietnam experience with a sense of humor, not to mention what you said about the Vietnam Economy, that is absolutely true…again Thanks…I enjoyed it. Steve Driscoll, Odessa, Texas

Jim Zapata

I was truly touched and inspired reading your stories. As I look into the posibilities of buying a tri-pacer, I look into the eyes of my three young children. I do hope that we can have the relationship that you obviously had with your dad. My wife is fearful and uncertain what a private plane will mean as she has absorbed every horror story of losing a spouse and/or a child in a plane wreck. Your rememberances will be shared with her. I know that your dad is proud of you, just as you are of your children. God Bless you, Jim Zapata

Roy Willis

Dave This is a very informative web site. I have enjoyed it very much, and would like to congratulate you on it.

Joe Crisler

I was with A btry 1st 321st 101st airborne div. 105 atry.Dec.67 arrived at cu chi,later went north ,came back toward Hue during Tet 68.I left from lz sally. Yoy have a good site;enjoyed your tales and etc. It brings back old memories! some good some bad! I like a lot of people just tried to block out all of that and move on.After all these years I can now look back and even talk about some of the s–t we did. Welcome home

I enjoyed your site! The tales brought back memories(good and bad ),I went over with the 101st in 67;from Ft.Campbell.Was at Cu chi for a while .then went north (close to DMZ ).Tet broke out in they moved us back there.When I left.we were at LZ sally. I was with A btry 1st 321st 101st airborne div.(105 arty)

Robert Lee

You have a great web page. I found it by doing a search on TriPacer. I am new to creating web pages. Could you tell me what software you used and how did you create the thumb nail picture. I have been playing with Word 7 to create a web page, but I have trouble with pictures. All the pictures come in too large. Thanks Robert Raleigh, NC

Nathan Morgan

Sir I am wondering about something. I have a POW/MIA adopted that was a member of the 4th Mechanized Battalion, 23rd infantry, 25th Division. I was just wondering if that would be right. Is the 23rd Infantry a part of the 25th Division? Just a stupid question.

Dan Bishop

I was in the 25th div. in Hawaii back in1975.. I was In the 1st and 21st gimlets… and would like to hear more. thanks !!

Hsing Chen

Hi, I am working on a biography bout Phyllis Diller for A&E. I am trying to find anyone who has home movies from Vietnam. I am specifically looking for the Bob Hope USO Show with Phyllis Diller. Do you have any home videos or photos of the two? I’d appreciate your help! Thanks, Hsing Chen

Victor E. Atherton

Saw your web page.I was there 25th Div 1966-1968 7th Bn 11th Arty.Was sent to 4th/9th an RTO for FO team.Was trained as surveyor.Reading your comments on coming home… Well lets just say I understand how it was.Gald you made it home. Best of luck