Guestbook entries, page 51

Jamie Moore

I am enrolled in a Vietnam class and your site really helped me to understand what the war was like and everything you guys went through.


very nice!!!10 bag full,good jobgun bunnies,are not to bad!!!

howard m. flath

just look nice to read about what it was like..

K.M. Kheem

H Hello!! I doing military service in Korea. sure soutjh korea ^^ Iwonder who r u? pleaes send me a letter?


I have a club called artillary vietnam. I was in the 25th the 8 inches. d/3/13th the clain.I’ve been looking for some of the guys. haven’t found any one yet your the closet one yet.

A.J Kirkland Jr.

Was with 101st Airborne Div. 1 Dec.1967 til 16 Sept. 1968 Wounded on that day in Chu Chi. We were with certain units of the 25 Inf. Later A.J

Delmer Rollins

I was wiyh 101 AB in MAY 1968 TO mAY 1969 WORK WITH THE 25 Inf. I WOUTH LIKE DO A WEBPAGE BUT DON,T HOW!

A superb site. Your VietNam part is real. And your “Thoughts Today” are truely on target. Great collection of .wav files too. Keep up the good work. Hang tough.

Joseph Flannick

I owned TriPacer N3275Z from 1969 thru 1972. It was a basic airplane. When I purchased it, it had an old “coffee grinder” radio. It didn’t even have a landing light! But you know, it sure brings back fond memories. It was FUN to fly!

Ronald Knight

Need information on 3rd Squadron, 4th Calvary, 25th Infantry Division, Cu Chi, Vietnam, 1970. HHQ Troop

angela smith

your story of combat was very interesting. I am glad that you took your time to put together this page. take care love angela