Guestbook entries, page 50

David M. Bond

Vietnam Address: SPC 4 2nd 35th 3rd Brigade at Pliekoo

john ruggiero

enjoyed your homepage. brought back memories. was at cu chi 1966-1967, with the AGC.

Scott Santa

I enjoyed reading your airplane, journey of love, project. I purchased a 1958 Tri-pacer 1 year ago and have taken on the task of recovering the wings and tail feathers this winter. I have striped everthing and was starting to feel overwhelmed until I read your story. I hope to be back flying by spring. I can hardly wait to fly back into the Great Bear wilderness this comming summer.

Blaine Yaeger
kjp1@concentric .net

Dave, I am only 31 .born in 1968. I would like to say thank you for your great story. Also thank you for being a damn good american. PEACE & LOVE Blaine Yaeger

John Williams

Great pictures! Nice to see a well maintained Tri-Pacer. I used to own a 1961 Piper Colt and really enjoyed flying it. Hope to someday purchase a Tri-Pacer or maybe another Colt. They’re great airplanes.

Olivier Etienne

I’m a student at the Belgian Air Force studying flightmechanics and I want discuss the tri-pacer in all his technical ways, like the engine . So if you could give more technical information about the plane or if you know an adress on the internet, plese send it to me. My uncle also has a tri-pacer, the OO-JAK! But he can’t give me all the information I need, but you had to fix your plane so I hope that you can give more technical information. Kind regards, Olivier Etienne p.s.:nice homepage

Bob Yortel

I wish to know about the battle in Gia Dinh on 5/11/68. SGT Leonard Bell of the 25th inf div was killed in action on that day. Thank you

Stephanie Workman

I love your site I’m really in with the Vietnam War stuff and I want to learn lots more each day it’s reall practically what I search for every day on my computer. Thank You so much. And if you were wondering I am An eight grader.


I was at Tra Cu in 69 and remember seeing the orange tower you put up. I was on a damaged PBR getting repaired. I can still remember laughing watching the clusterf— involved between the Base CO and your crew putting the tower up. Tke care Shipmate and WELCOME HOME!!!!!!

Frank Sperandeo
Dave, Great web page! There is so many interesting topics and great sharp photos. Hope to meet you again at the swpc meetings. Franco