Guestbook entries, page 47

Joe Russell

David this is a very good site on the war in Nam.I was in the Army from Nov. 76 til nov 79 and I served with many Vets…The pain was still fresh in there eye’s. When I was in my teenage years before the Army…I longed to be there…thinking I could have helped or made a difference somehow…Something in my mind keeps drawing me to learn all I can about you guy’s that fought and died and survived over there…thanks again…welcome home!

Dave Pasquale

I work at witmer’s aircraft service in reading pa. found your page because we are restoring a tri pacer as we speak

dre bou mitri

thanx for your info, cuase i’m usingit for a social studies project on induividulas who have gone through vitenam, thanks

James Jones

“Nui Ba Den” Dave, You said that you believed “that the U.S. Army had a communications station at the summit for a period of time. (September, 1969)” Dave, I know for a fact that many young men were executed on that mountain after a night of futile defense and heroic efforts to extract them from the camp. We watched from the grounds of the 45th Surgical Hospital the flares and the tracers lighting an erie, deadly glow around the top as the battle waged on. In the morning they brought the bodies down. Many had been shot point blank behind the head, They were so young and so dead. I’ll never forget it. As I recall, they were with communications and vital to Long Range Patrols (LRP’s) as well as all of South VN because of the unique features/position of “Black Widow Mountain”. Cpt. James Jones, MC (MD)

Sherry M. Paradis

My brother Walter Magoon was also in the Vietnam war from 1971 through 1972 It was tough for him.

Terry Green

I guess I was just lucky, I was assg to 7/11th fa in July of 72. It later became 2/11. We trained guys right out of basic. I was then transfered to 1/8th as cadre to train more guys straight out of basic. I will never figure out how we missed being sent to V/N. Just pure dumb luck I guess.


Dave, I enjoyed the site. I looked up Tri Pacer on Yahoo and your site came up. I am glad I stopped by. The flying stories are great. I am finishing up my private’s license and hope to be having some adventures of my own soon. The plane looks like fun.

jose a. castro

I was in the 7th Bn. 15th field artillery Pleyku 1970 to 71. I am looking for some info.on my unit.

Chuck Barclay

Just happened upon your site while doing a yahoo search. Enjoyed your story of the flight of 78A. Gives me hope for the future. I am the owner of 2279A

Mike Check

Enjoyed your page I was in Shrang valley Just west of Qui Nhon Hwy 19 I was depot rebuild mechanic 160th HEM Co. 86th Maint Bn.Oct. 67-68. Hope you are well. Mike Check