Guestbook entries, page 43

Jim Sweeney

Very nice web site. Found it through Heli-Vets mail. Jim Sweeney FE…..B/228th ASHB, 1st Cav. Div…66-67 FE…..205th ASHC, 1st Avn. Brigade….68 TI…..HHB, 4/77th ARA. 101st Abn. Div…..69-70

Mike Michaud

Hi Dave… Found you picture of Nui Ba Den. I spent most of 1971 on top of the “Black Virgin Mountain”. Now it’s a tourist attraction. I would never have believed that when I was there. Mike

Gene Olson
I initially found your page by searching for Tri-pacers. I’m looking for a rebuild project to buy and restore one day. I linked to and read almost all of your Vietnam story after reading about your ride home from San Francisco. I just wanted to say “Thanks.” Also, on a lighter note, I have a 2-1/2 year old son. He’s pretty enthused about going to the airport, and I look forward to many adventures with him, just as you had with your father and are having with your son. I enjoyed your homepage. Keep up the good work!

Brian Long

I am a Ground Surveillance Systems Guru in the U.S. Army today. I did find your story interesting and would like more dialogue with you concerning some historical issues about how you were trained during that time. At present time, GSS operators are just that “operators”, not tactical experts. I am trying to convince the army to change the training methods based on the need in the field. Alot of this will come from historical information and to be honest, it is all uphill. Please respond… Staff Sergeant Brian Long 110th MI Fort Drum, New York> thomas.o’

Excellent story. Sorry to hear about your plane, and the pasing of your father Tom O’Brien

L. Brady

I am working on an internet project to create a web page to be used as a resource for local history teachers in East Texas. I chose Vietnam as my subject for the project because it is a subject that wasn’t taught in Texas public schools. In fact, I didn’t really learn about Vietnam (in depth) until my sophomore year in college. As a result of what I learned and the opportunity of hearing first-hand accounts from Vietnam Vets in my class, I feel that this era is too important to be ignored in public schools. I really enjoyed your web page–especially the photos.

atrick J. Mccarthy

Dave, a great sight, I read the whole Vietnam section and also am interested in the Aviation stuff.It was really good how you explained the day to day things like the generators and washing clothes and the radar tower, also in all the books about the war I read I never had a good idea of this radar and how well it worked for eliminating both enemy personnel and artillery.I am about your age and spent 67-71 on aircraft carriers in USN but by sheer luck was not in SEAsia and all you guys will always be my heroes ecpecially since you were a draftee and did your duty so honorably, sad about your replacement getting picked off so soon after you left. Reminds me of the same thing happened to me at a 7-11 I used to work at. Our attitudes and how we did our job may have something to do with not being shot. But I guess over there its nothing personal. Glad to hear you and your wife are still together. I will check out the rest of your sight. Thanks-Patrick

Frank Papasavas

Nice page. I am now in the initial stages fo looking for a Tri Pacer (22-150/160 for commuting between California and Arizona Any advice would be apriciated.

Russ Brunelle

I have read your stuff and enjoyed it. To have good memories of your father is priceless. I would trade every thought of airplanes I ever had, to have such memories. Anyhow I have an aiplane question for you. I am a 41 year old student pilot, I will have my Licience soon , and i am thinking about buying my own airplane, I have recently come accross a few Tripacers My question to you is a Tripacer suitable for a low time pilot, and what would be a reasonable price for a 1952 or 53 model with typical equipment, in a flyaway condition.

Werner Maresch

I m a great aviation fan and RC-modeller too. My last model was a Cessna L-19OE BirdDog in 40% of its original size. Now I m looking for information about my next project, a Piper PA-22 TriPacer. So that s why I m looking to your site. If there is anyone who can help me with detailed drawings, etc. it would be nice to contact me. Bye.