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John Woelfl
I have flown a Tri-Pacer and it has a high fun factor. I also have flown an SX-81 model heli and would like to get one again.

Andy Clark

I was with the 20th Transportation Co., (aircraft direct support) we were assigned to the 25th and located just of off the runway at CU CHI. I was there May 67- April 68

Curtis Mays

Hello Dave,I have a 1954 Tripacer 8039C. I’ve had it about a year. The engine was rebuilt before I bought it. Shortly thereafter I noticed it was blowing oil out of the crankcase vent at high RPM. We have tried everything from cam to rings. I noticed in your picture of the engine overhaul, it appears to have an aero-separator inline of the engine vent. I cannot find in the manuals the separator. I believe this would solve my problem. Please give me any info you have on this matter. Thanks for your time and have a nice evening..

Bravo Charliecharlie

1969-70. you see the address. Found 90 guys so far (7/13/99). Reunion next March. We are the only company from battalion not together. NOLI ME TANGERE

Clay Bostian

I am a student pilot and I am already considering buying a plane; probably in a partnership with a friend who is also a student. We are going this weekend to look at a 1953 Tripacer that is for sale. I am trying to get as much feedback as possible from people who fly tripacers to help in our buying decision. Your response would be appreciated. Thanks, Clay Bostian PS – Nice Website with good photos!

H. (Brownie) Braunsteiner

I left Fort Lewis with the 3rd Bde, 4th Ind Div in October 66 and barged ashore at Vung Tau a week later. We boarded sandbagged trucks and opened up highway #1 to Bear Cat relieving the 1st Inf Div (Big Red One). We only stayed a couple of months and then convoyed to Dau Tieng in the proximity of the Michelin rubber plantation where we established a base camp as part of the 25th. I was the Bde Op’s sergeant under Colonel Marshall C. Garth the Bde CO and CSM Bill V. Woods. Although our paths may not have crossed, we owe many lives to you brave hearts that sat in a small vehicle presenting a luscious target to Charlie while telling us where he was. I think your web page is out of sight……….best I’ve ever seen. Your writing stile is worthy of a book I’d certainly buy if you ever decided to publish. I especialy got a kick out of your comments “sitting on the latrine”, because that’s how I was hit by an incoming round at 0300 hours when Charlie cut loose on our base camp. Went on many op’s near Nui Ba Den, Tai Ninh, Iron Triangle and Parrots Beak. My last few months I was the First Sergeant of Hq & Hq Co, 3rd Bde, 25th to fill the slot of the former Top who was KIA. Welcome Home my friend and enjoy your sky vehicle ! Hooah Brownie

Rob Ferucci

Dave, Thanks for sharing your experience. Eventhough I was just born during the vietnam era, I have always been interested in learning about the war and while many stories aren’t always pleasant, people should know and understand what those who experienced it went through. I have a friend who served in the 25th infantry ’68-’69 but I know he is uncomfortable speaking about it. Thanks again as the best information on the war comes from those who were really there.

Charles McCourt

Hi To All that visit here. I wish all a welcome home. I was in Nam Aug.69 Thru Dec.70 with the A Co. 725th Maint. Bn. I was a field radio repairman and as such I spent a lot of time all over in virtually every location of the 25th’s AO with many different units on contact teams in all aspects including Cambodia in Apr.70. So as such I would apprecite hearing from any and all that remember me or from all those that would just like to drop me a note.

Chuck Crosby

My dad was in the 25th ID Artillery 68-69. I think 1-77 FA or 2-77 FA. He spent 27 years as an artilleryman, and is retired from the army. I am spending a career in the army as well, as an Infantryman. If you get a chance to E-mail me at the above address, I will reply with my dad’s e-mail. I am sure he would enjoy swapping notes.

daniel celeskey

looking for piper tripacer tail no. N-3719 A serial no. 22-1959