Guestbook entries, page 18

Art Fish

Just looking—looks great

Joe Hampl

Enjoyed your photos. I was in the 1st Cav (Arty) in the Tay Ninh and Phouc Vin areas. Wasn’t the “Electric Strawberry” in the Cu Chi area in 69-70? I recall being flown to the top of Nui Ba Dinh to pay our troop (Signal Corps) on duty at the top. You probably had some folks up there too. Seems like the Cav and the 25th ID did some some things together at about that time? Joe

John Darling

I do not have a home page but I would like one and maybe in a month or two I will have one . I am very interested in the vietnam war. And even though I am 19 I would like those who have information about the battle of hamburger hill email me and send anything about that battle and or other battles. Thank you.

Bill Downey

Enjoyed looking at your site. I served with the U.S. Air Force as a language instructor in Saigon, Oct 69-70. I volunteered for four years after being drafted. Lucky to have served in Germany for two years, I hoped for that early out that never came. Who would have thought kids would be using your experiences from a web site for a term paper! Keep up the good work, I will visit again.

John Gordon

Great work, I would really like to find out if there are or have been AD`s to the SWP`s ? They look a top little airplane to start with as a project? Can you pass on any significent AD`s please, Thanks

pete humphrey

Really liked your page. I was at Cu Chi 68-69 with the 116th Assault Helicopter Co. Your stories brought back memories. Thanks!

chris ruckert

I really enjoyed this website. I am very interested in military history, especially the Vietnam era. I liked the pictures, stories and your comment on the war today.

Wayne Crowe

I really enjoyed reading your scrapbook. Brought back alot of memories. I served in the 25th from Dec.68 to Dec. 69 w/ 1/8 Arty. Moved all over – many firebases and patrol bases on the Cambodian border & lots of action. Do you recall Patrol Base Diamond(s)? Worst ground attack of my tour. Peace!


love your tri-pacer.hope i can find one like still looking.

Albert Tai

Hi David, I noticed abt. your articles on the rebuilding Tri-pacer 2278A.Currently I am building 1/3rd RC model of the Tri-pacer. I would appreciate if you are able to send me photographys of your 2278A.Details like U/c,struts,interiors,instrument panels,etc will be most helpful. Many thanks in advance,looking forward to hear from you soon.